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Kiko never fail to get me excited about makeup; I've always raved about their products and had great things to say about the brand, but they have well and truly outdone themselves with their new summer collection. Beautiful products all packaged up in the most gorgeous, glamorous gold casing- these have caused a storm in the beauty world since their release and it really is no wonder. There are a number of products in this collection, but here are a few that I've been trying out!

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer: £22.90
At almost £23 you might be thinking that this is approaching high end pricing territory, however, this is a huge bronzer. If for example you compare it with the similarly priced Benefit Hoola (eight grams) this contains a whopping twenty grams. Baked makeup products are always pretty to look at and this is no exception, the marbling running through the bronzer looks so gorgeous. It has a satin finish on the skin, not too shimmery or glittery but you do get a highlighting glow which is great for the summer. There are two shades available, I have the lighter one which is ideal for light and medium skin tones.

Desert Dunes Baked Blush: £16.90
This baked blush comes with a trio of shades, so you can either choose specific areas or swirl all three colours onto your brush. The pigmentation is top notch and the formula is velvety smooth, it applies really nicely and you only need a small amount for the perfect flush of colour. As with the bronzer it has a satin, highlighted finish so when you're wearing this there's no need to apply a highlighter as well. This is the shade Impulsive Mauve which is a dusky pink, there's also a coral and a more bronzey colour in the collection which look really pretty.

Mirage Lip Stylo: £13.90
Possibly the most swoon worthy lipsticks I've ever seen, not only do these look absolutely stunning but the formula and shades are just perfect too. They glide on effortlessly, provide great pigmentation and lasting power and are all-round just amazing lipsticks- they even have a magnetic closure in the lid which makes them feel really expensive and well made. I'm obsessed with shade 01, it's such a great wearable colour and looks so nice with a summery bronzed makeup look.

Free Spirit Lips and Cheek Crayon: £9.90
Despite not being housed in the same pretty packaging, this is possibly my favourite product of the bunch. I'm obsessed with this thing, it's the most gorgeous creamy yet matte lip and cheek crayon. I've not used it much as a blush but as a lip crayon it's amazing; it lasts all day, it's comfortable on the lips and this nude/ coral shade is so perfect for this time of year. This is actually one of the least expensive things in the collection, if you're making a Kiko order then don't overlook this!

Heatwave Lip Oil: £10.90
Containing jojoba oil, shea butter, wild mango butter and vitamin E- these lip oils are designed to nourish the lips while giving a glossy finish. I do prefer matte lip products over glossier ones, although I do still like these especially because they actually benefit the lips as well as just looking nice. There are three different shades available, however on the lips they're pretty much clear and so I wouldn't spend too much time deciding between colours. I love that they've tied the packaging of these in with the rest of the collection with the gold lids.

will you be picking up anything from this collection?


  1. That blush is gorgeous! Will definitely check out this collection if I find a Kiko store :)

    What Sarah Writes

    1. Its so nice, I want to pick up the coral shade :) x

  2. This is such a gorgeous collection!

    Parie x

    1. isn't it beautiful, the gold just looks so nice x

  3. How can Kiko make such amazing products, in such pretty packaging for such a reasonable price? Witchcraft :) x

    Rhi |

    1. I agree, they always get it so right! This packaging has been my favourite so far x

  4. I have seen so many great things about this brand. I am hoping to find it overe here in the States soon! The quality of swatches I have seen and the quality of the packaging is just out of this world. That bronzer and the blush are gorgeous!

    Ashlee Liz