Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

There's no doubt about it, choosing an outfit for a wedding is difficult. Since wedding season is now in full swing, if you're due to attend any this year you're probably wondering what exactly you're going to wear. If you've scoured your favourite shops and are coming up blank, why not try looking in a shop that sells prom dresses? It might not be the first place you'd think to look for a wedding guest outfit, but there are tonnes of cheap prom dresses that are absolutely gorgeous and if you choose the right style are just perfect for an occasion like this. Here are a few of my favourite prom dresses 2016 that would be ideal to wear as a wedding guest.

I really love this, the lace design is just gorgeous. While this is shown in ivory (which would look lovely worn with some pretty pastel accessories) one of the bonuses with ordering from a custom made dress shop, is that they offer their items in a huge range of colours. Short prom dresses like this are great for special occasions as they don't look too 'prom like' and are suitable for other occasions too.

This is something that would be great for both the ceremony as well as the after party. It could be worn with a blazer and fascinator for a very appropriate daytime wedding look, but the lacy back detail means it would look amazing for the evening celebrations too.

Chiffon dresses are always really flattering, and the beaded neck detail of this one means you wouldn't need to wear lots of accessories as it already looks dressy enough for the evening. It in no way looks like a poofy prom dress, and again adding a jacket would finish the look for the daytime ceremony. 

As with the others this comes in a wide range of colours, although I especially love the coral and think it would be a great choice for a summer wedding. I love the wide straps and the fact that it looks almost like a skirt/top combo. A perfect example of prom dresses that's also suitable as a general evening/ special occasion dress.

Have you been invited to any weddings this year? 


  1. Very nice post. I have a post on wedding guest outfits if you care to read.

    1. Thanks Yvonne I'll check out your post :) x

  2. I love the styles you picked, I'm not going to any weddings this year sadly

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

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