A Guide To Reinvigorating Your Garden

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While it doesn't feel like we've had much of a summer yet here in the UK, this is the time of year that most of us start to think about our gardens again. They can become so neglected and overgrown due to the harsh weather in winter, but a bit of time and effort will soon have them looking nice. If you're hoping to transform your garden and create a beautiful space for weekend barbeques, alfresco dining and sunbathing (when the sun finally comes out!) here are a few ways you could go about it. 

Work on The Lawn
For most gardens the lawn takes up the majority of the ground space, and if that is the case for yours then the lawn is undoubtedly the place to start. Most lawns which have been left for a year or more are probably going to need some work, have a close look and decide if yours is salvageable. You may be able to rescue balding patches and areas of dead grass with some grass seed, use a thatch rake to remove any dead grass and sprinkle down the seed according to the packet instructions. You can then overseed the rest of your lawn too so that it looks thicker and the new growth blends in with the rest of the grass. If your lawn can't be rescued it might be time to start again- if it's thinned out too much or has become infested with weeds, or if you've experienced any flooding or particularly bad weather over the winter this will probably be the case. Remove the topsoil, and use trench sheets to support the vertical faces of the excavation at this early stage. Once you have refilled it with new topsoil - or better yet, compost - you can then re-turf the surface. It is then just a matter of ensuring that you keep on top of the lawn’s maintenance, you'll need to have an outdoor tap and a hose to be able to water it properly as a watering can just wont cut it. 

Consider A New Patio
One of the quickest ways to make any garden look like new is to install a brand new patio. This is probably the first thing you'll see when you step out into the garden, and so an untidy patio really can bring down the overall look. There are loads of options to choose from; you could go for decking, slabs or even pea gravel makes an inexpensive choice. Creating a patio sections off a space in the garden to have a seating area, and generally makes the garden much more useable. 

Build A Shed
Do you have an old, dilapidated shed in the corner of your garden? Consider buying (or building!) a new one. It will give you a safe and sturdy place to house all of your tools, and will look much neater and tidier than something that's half falling down. You could even paint it a cute pastel shade to bring a bit of fun and quirky charm to the garden.

Plant Seeds and Bulbs for Next Year
If you're in the UK, unfortunately it's too late in the season to plant anything that will flower this year. But you can always make a start on your pots and bedding plants for next year, by sowing seeds and planting bulbs. They'll come into flower in the spring, and will save you money next year rather than buying ready grown plants and flowers. You can pick up packets of seeds everywhere from garden centres to supermarkets to DIY shops, and even on ebay. They only cost a couple of pounds each, plant them according to the packet instructions. Some will be fine to go straight into your flowerbeds, others will be better planted in pots so they can be stored in a greenhouse over the winter and then planted in their final positions next spring. If you don't have the space for a traditional greenhouse, small grow houses are cheap to buy and will protect your plants over the colder months.

Have you made a start on your garden yet?

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