DIY Furniture Ideas For A Unique Home

If you just love getting your DIY on, as well as making your home unique, this post is for you. DIY is a really satisfying hobby, and you can make some truly fantastic things. What better way to showcase these things than having them in your home? These DIY furniture ideas could help you to create some awesome things:

A Country Style Table
Creating a country style table doesn’t necessarily mean creating everything from scratch. You don’t even need to be a DIY expert to get this done! All you need is a ready made table from Ikea, some bits of wooden panels that you like to work with, and any other tools that will help you to complete the job. A sander, some super strong glue, nails, a hammer and tape measure are just some of the things recommended to complete the task. All you need to do is carefully layer over your chosen wooden panels. Simply nail them into position when you’ve found the perfect placement. You can also strengthen the legs of the table using thicker wooden beams, before sanding everything down and coating it. Country style tables can cost thousands, so this project will save you a substantial amount of money. 

A Door Headboard
Have you ever wanted one of those really cool, big, fancy looking wooden headboards? You can do one better now, by making one out of an old wooden door. You can simply remove the handle and other metal bits, sand it all down and paint it to your preferences. You can add another wooden beam along the top if you’d like it to really stand out and make a statement. 

Cut Logs Into Side Tables 
By cutting off pieces of log that are just thick and wide enough, you can turn them into cute little side tables. It’s usually best to use something like industrial bonding adhesives from Kenyon adhesives, so that you don’t ruin the look of the wood with nails. All you need to do is attach them to old metal chair legs, and voila! The great thing about them is that no two will turn out exactly the same, giving your home a really pleasing authentic feel. 

An Old Drawer Into A Foot Rest 
Grab a large older drawer, some strong stuffing, a piece of material you like, and some nails. Using these materials you can literally turn an old drawer into a stylish, comfortable footrest. It’s up to you if you want to add some fancy looking legs, paint the drawer a different color, or even paint the handle. This will give your home a really cool look! 

An Old Ladder Into A Towel Rack
Looking for a cool new towel rack? An old wooden ladder could be the perfect solution! Sand it, paint it a nice colour, and then fold your towels neatly before placing them on the rungs. Lay this against the wall in your bathroom and you’ll get a really unique vibe in there.

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