Five Ways To Make Your Garden Ideal For Entertaining

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The sun is out, quick light the barbeque! The garden is the perfect place to host parties in the summer, it gives you lots of extra space and you can soak up some rays while you have the chance. Here are five ways to make sure your garden ready for entertaining.

Create cover from the sun 
One of the first things to think about is creating some shade from the sun, if the weather stays anything like it's been this week then you dont want to leave your guests to burn to a crisp! You could consider getting a gazebo, or put up an parasol to ensure you get some shade. Some form of cover is handy if it starts to rain, and also if you want to go outside in the colder months

Create a patio area
Another way to turn your garden into an ideal entertaining space is having a patio area. You could go with slabs or even have garden decking installed by a professional. It gives you the perfect spot to put an outdoor seating area and is also good for adding value to your property. 

Install Outdoor Lighting
If your parties are likely to carry on through to the evening, then outdoor lighting is essential. Fairy lights, solar lights and tealight candles look pretty dotted around the garden. Along with decorative lights like these you'll also need a more powerful light source to make it bright enough to sit outside, something like a spotlight.

Work on the lawn
Ideally you'll have made a start on your lawn earlier in the year, by overseeding and adding a suitable grass feed. As this article explains, you should make sure you feed your lawn granular feed during the summer months to keep it looking fantastic. If you don’t want much hassle with your garden, you could fit artificial lawn instead to help it to be easier to maintain. 

Add ornaments and features
In order to bring some character and personality to the garden you could consider adding some ornaments, bird houses or even a water feature. These are lovely to look at in the summer, and can be a great way to invite some wildlife into the garden as well.

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