Fun Date Night Tips

Date night is a fun way to keep the spark alive, and encourages you to get out there and do more with your partner. When you're in a relationship, particularly a long term relationship, it's easy for fun evenings out together to fall by the wayside and before you know it things can get a little stale. It's not to say the love isn't still there, you just need to put the time and effort back in like you did when you first started dating. Here are a few tips to bear in mind for your next date night!

Create a Date Jar 
If you want to do more but struggle to think of ideas, do a bit of planning ahead of time and create a date jar. Write down places to go and different activities on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into a jar. Then when you're racking your brains for things to do, you always have a backup of ideas. You can pick one out of the pot which adds a fun element of surprise. It doesn't always have to be fancy restaurants and expensive nights out. You could keep it simple with walks in the park, bike rides or picnics too. You could colour code each date according to cost, that way you can still choose at random but have an idea of roughly how much you'll need to spend.

Dress Up
Making the effort to dress up and look nice will help to bring back the initial attraction you felt when you first got together. Plus it will make you feel good about yourself too! Wear an outfit that you feel good in, and some flirty underwear from somewhere like Knicker LockerSpend some time and effort on your hair and makeup, and you're bound to feel extra special.

Do Something New
You could go for a fun and adventurous activity, or something more romantic such as the sensual rhythms of dance. Either way the shared experience will strengthen the bond between you, and it also helps to push you out of your comfort zone.  It could be a one-off experience, or something that could become a hobby for you both.

No Smartphones
A date night should be about just the two of you. No social media, texting friends or taking work calls. Ideally you'll switch off your phones,  but at least set them to silent and agree no taking any calls or texts that aren't an emergency. Keeping distractions to a minimum allows you to enjoy quality time together.