Steampunk 'Thomas Edison' Bell Jar Lamp From Iconic Lights: Review

I definitely have a distinct style when it comes to home decor, every room in my house has been done in whites and neutrals and I'm always drawn to pretty and feminine accessories. I've been brave in the past and attempted to try new things, but have always ended up disliking them and reverting back to my old ways. But it's become clear to me recently that I have a distinct lack of statement pieces in my home, and everything I pick out has become a bit same-y. I still love the style but have been in the market for something to make more of an impact (without stepping too far out of my oh so cosy comfort zone). And when I laid eyes on this industrial looking Steampunk lamp from Iconic Lights I knew it was just the kind of thing I'd been searching for, it instantly caught my eye on the site and I think it's such a cool and quirky piece. The copper and glass design still works with my current decor, and is a bit different without being too 'out there' which is perfect for me! 

This really is a gorgeous, well made piece; the glass bell jar section simply lifts off so accessing the bulb couldn't be easier. And speaking of the bulb, one great feature with this lamp is that you can find all kinds of different styles of bulbs to go in it. There are some amazing vintage looking ones on eBay with different shapes and filaments, however I'm using the Minisun E27 Filament Pear Bulb which not only looks really effective but is LED too so it will last for a really long time (LED bulbs have an approximate life of fifty thousand hours!) Aptly named after the inventor of the light bulb, this Thomas Edison lamp does a great job of showcasing his invention while keeping everything else simple.

I've had so many compliments about this lamp since I got it, it's a fantastic little eye catching piece and I'd go as far as saying it's one of my favourite decorative pieces in my home at the moment. Even my boyfriend who usually couldn't care less about my homeware finds has been nagging me to let him have it in his office (no's mine!) I think this would look great regardless of the decor you have in your home, and is versatile enough to be used in a number of different rooms. If you're after a piece that's unique but will still tie in with everything else you own then this is the perfect choice. And if you're homeware obsessed like me you'll have hours of fun searching through the  other amazing, unusual designs on the Iconic Lights website.

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