The Most Common Wedding Invitation Questions

Your wedding stationery is a crucial part in wedding planning. It's the first thing your guests will receive, and will hold all the information they'll need about your big day. There’s a lot to think about, so if you're wondering where to start here are a few things to consider.

1. What Should My Wedding Stationery Look Like?
Your invites are the first hint your guests will receive as to what your big day will look like. Try to match them to the colour or theme you've decided on. If you haven’t chosen the finer details yet go for a style that follows your style or personality as a couple- floral, bunting and monochrome styles are popular if you're not sure.. If you are having a more traditional wedding, have a look at vintage wedding invites by Pure Invitation, or even consider making your own.

2. What Do I Send?
You would typically send a save the date earlier on in the planning details, to allow people to book the day off work or plan holidays around it. An invite is then sent nearer the time with guest information and an RSVP.

3. Should I Have A Wedding Website?
A wedding website is a really useful tool, it avoids the need to include masses of information on your stationery and ruining the design. You could simply put the basic details on there, and then direct guests to a website. Some sites allow guests to RSVP which is very popular now, the easier you make it to RSVP the less you will have to chase people.

4. When Should I Send Them?
Save the dates can really be sent out as soon as you have a date confirmed. If your wedding is quite far in the future, it can be nice to send something out rather than leaving it for months. Invitations should ideally be sent at least six to eight weeks before the big day, but if you didn’t send save the dates then try and get these out as early as possible. This will give people plenty of time to make their arrangements and send their RSVP’s back.

5. What Date Should I Give On The RSVP?
Setting the deadline on replies can be difficult, too early and things can change, but leave it too late and you can be chasing people. About three weeks before the wedding day would normally work best. Check with caterers and the venue when they need final numbers, and try and give yourself a few days leeway. If people don’t reply, give them a quick call or email to check.

6. Should We Include Our Gift List On Our Invites?
Many couples live together before getting married now, so already have the usual wedding gifts of home appliances and ornaments. Giving a list or asking for money contributions are practical ways of showing your guests where their money would be best spent. Bu the invites are not the place for this. Add these onto your website, or tell close family and let the word get around. People will always ask what you want, but telling them on their invite can be a bit unsubtle and too forward.

7. We’re Having An Adult Only Wedding, How Do We Tell People?
This can be tricky without offending people, so the best way is to make it clear from the start. Address invites with the guests full names on, rather than ‘and guest’. It should be clear that way who is specifically invited. If RSVP’s are returned with children's names on you’ll have to give them a call and politely explain that it is an adult only event, and that you hope they can still attend without the kids. The same goes here for guests bringing partners. Either invite the partner, and add their name to the invite, or leave as your friend’s name only. If they ask to bring someone who you don’t want there, explain that it is a special event with only your closest friends and family invited. If this causes problems, consider inviting them to join in the evening for the more laid back part of the day.

8. Where Do I Put The Return Address?
Normally the address is pre-printed on the RSVP envelope, or on the back flap of the invitation envelope. This should be to the address of the person hosting the wedding (traditionally the bride’s parents), but these days the bride and groom deal with these themselves.

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