Tips for Planning a Wedding as a Newly Engaged Couple

He liked it so much that he put a sparkly diamond on it? Congratulations! An engagement is an exciting experience that paves the way for a celebration of love and union. So what should you be doing now you are officially engaged? Pull up a seat, it’s time to knuckle down and get your wedding planning hat on. 

Set a budget
Have a serious look at your finances. How much can you spend? How much do you need to save? Families may be willing to contribute toward your day. Talking about money can be a bit of an awkward conversation. Yet getting everyone on the same page will make the wedding planning process much easier. A free wedding budget calculator will help you stay on track. 

Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen
You probably already know who you want to be in your bridal party. Invite all of your potential bridesmaids for a drink. It’s perfect for introducing your friends that might not have met yet! Shopping for bridesmaids dresses is a real bonding experience for you and your girl friends. It will get you even more excited about finding your own dress too. If you’re struggling to decide on a colour scheme, bridesmaids dresses can set the tone for the rest of your decorations

Draft a guest list
You won’t be able to finalise a list until you’ve decided on a location. A general outline of numbers will help you to decide what sort of ceremony and reception you both want. This will help narrow down the shortlist of venues to view too. 

Put a deposit down on a venue 
Your venue will be the focal point of your wedding. Do you want a small and intimate day? Or a big celebration? Consider your preliminary guest list and personal tastes when you research wedding locations. It’s best to visit a few different venues at different price points. This way you can decide if you are happy with your current projected budget or want to save to splurge on a luxury reception. Many locations will offer wedding package deals which can be cheaper with advance bookings. This offers great value for those in no rush to wed. Once you have a venue and a date, you can order the perfect wedding stationery. Guests are more likely to be able to make your wedding is you send them a save the date card in advance. 

Consider your wedding dress
Use the web and magazines to help you make a scrapbook of styles you love. This way, you’ll feel prepared and confident in asking for exactly what you want when you go to a bridal salon. There will be a dress style to flatter every figure. Learn the fashion lingo. What sort of neckline will make you feel elegant? What is your perfect length of sleeve? It’s best to stick to simple, breezy fabrics for summer weddings. For the colder months, wearing a faux fur stole will inject some glamour to proceedings. 

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