Five Reasons Why a Garden Room Should Be Your Next Renovation

If you love your home but find yourself wishing it was bigger, you can get extra space without major renovations. Your first thought might be a loft conversion or an extension, but there's another way that requires no planning permission and minimal groundwork. And that's by having a 'garden room' built. Oeco Garden Rooms offer a selection of amazing looking 'rooms' that you can have built in your back garden. Here are just five different uses, and the reasons why this should be your next home renovation!

A Home Office
If like me you're a freelancer or run a business from home, you'll know how important it is to have your own office space to work from. Before I moved into my current home I had to share an office with my boyfriend, and it used to drive me absolutely loopy. He would constantly be distracting me, being noisy or making me lose my train of thought while I was writing. We moved in the end which solved the issue, but that's not practical for everyone. And so if you love your home but wish you had more space then something like this solves the problem perfectly. When you work a job that requires a lot of concentration, you definitely do need your own quiet and peaceful space.

A Hobby Room
Even if you're not running a business, if you have a hobby that requires a lot of materials then an extra room like this can be so handy. Plenty of space to store your materials and keep everything organised, and again it gives you a quiet place where you can enjoy your hobby. If your hobby is a musical instrument you'll be happy to know that you can even get soundproofed garden rooms. You can practice to your heart's content and give the rest of your family a break from the loud music!

A Hangout For Teenagers
Which teenager wouldn't want to hang out in something like this with their friends? A perfect choice if your family have started to outgrow your home. If your teenager has the same small room they grew up in, you'll probably find it increasingly difficult for them to have friends over due to space. And again, the soundproofing option would be handy here! You could get some comfy sofas and beanbags, a tv and a games machine. 

Somewhere to Relax
Instead of being a hideout for your kids or teenagers, you could turn it into a little space for yourself! With the windows and doors open in the summer you get to enjoy the weather in the garden, and for the rest of the year you could turn it into a cosy little retreat. A great place to read a book with a coffee or a glass of wine, it could be an amazing little room that's just for you to enjoy. Superior insulation is used, meaning it's suitable for all year round so no chilly drafts.

A Guest Bedroom
If you love to entertain guests and wish you had an extra room for friends and family to stay over, why not go for something like this? It would make such a cool and unusual guest room. These garden rooms come fitted with an electrical package, but if you had a small ensuite plumbed in there too it would basically become it's own little self contained flat.

What do you think, would you have something like this fitted? What would you use yours for?

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  1. this looks incredible, I'm definitely going to look into this when I buy my own house next year! I'd use mine for running my business, love the idea of an office that's close to the house whilst still being separate xx