Make Your Outdoor Space as Gorgeous As Your Indoor Space

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There are a loads of website and magazines out there dedicated to how to make the inside of your home look stylish, polished and fabulous. But with all the emphasis on the rooms indoors, make sure you're not neglecting your outside space. It just doesn't make sense to have an immaculate interior when it's messy out the front, here are some tips to get your garden and other outside spaces up to scratch.

Garden and Driveway
The first impression people get of your home is the front garden and driveway. This can set the tone of the entire property, so it's important to get it right. Before you get lost in glamorous fantasies about tree lined approaches, makes sure what you are looking at is practical for your needs. If you're not big on gardening, choose low maintenance bushes and shrubs that will thrive on the occasion trim. Is your car your pride and joy? Better not go for a loose stone drive then, which can kick up pebbles and potentially cause nicks and dings. Newer options like resin bound driveways are a good choice, no messy pebbles or the chance of ruining your car's paintwork.

It's likely that your garage, or at least the entrance to it will be at the front of the house too, so make sure that you keep it in good condition. Repaint or replace the doors regularly to stop them looking weathered and shabby. If your garage has become a bit of a dumping ground, then make sure you keep the door closed as much as possible to stop it from detracting from the appearance of the rest of the house.

If you're lucky enough to have some outbuilding or shed in on your property, be sure that you're keeping up with the maintenance of them. Sheds can be painted some beautiful colors now, to make a pretty feature of them. Larger outbuildings can be converted into separate accommodation which would be ideal for when family come to stay, or depending on where you live even to rent out for some extra income.

Front Of The House
The front of your home is the thing that has the most impact on people when they first arrive. If you have period features like bay windows to show off, make the most of them by keeping the inside and outside of the windows clean. Also, make sure that the frames are free of rot and peeling paint and are generally in good order. If your home is stone or brick, regularly check for problems with the mortar and for any loosing that can look untidy and be a safety hazard. If your home is rendered, watch out for and repair cracks quickly. Make sure that your rendering gets a coat of paint to brighten it up one every two years.

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