Washing Machine Breakdown= Disaster

The new machine

A washing machine breakdown is always a disaster, it’s such an important appliance and really isn’t the kind of thing you can do without at all- even for a short space of time. I’d been dreading mine going for a while, it was a few years old and had already been repaired once last year which cost an absolute fortune. I did buy insurance for it for a while, but when the cost went up I thought forget that I’ll just risk it- and of course that was a bad move. Luckily I didn’t come home to a flooded kitchen, but when all of the lights started flashing on the control panel I knew instantly what had happened, because it was the exact same issue as before. A faulty power board, which costs almost as much as the washing machine itself to replace. The first time it happened we were stuck with no washing machine for almost a month while Indesit kept attempting repairs on it, all of which just weren’t working. We also didn’t have a car back then so couldn’t even get to a laundrette, and the memory of breaking our backs washing clothes in the bath for almost four weeks was still fresh in my mind when this one went. So I knew a repair was off the cards completely, and it needed to be a new one.

Feeling extremely irritated and skeptical of all washing machines, I went on the hunt for another one. When it comes to an appliance like this, the reviews really are crucial. It’s not a cheap purchase and isn’t something you can try before you buy, you want to know that you’re buying something that’s reliable and performs well. Obviously you can’t trust the manufacturer (who is always going to say their product is fantastic) and so reviews from actual users and third parties are absolutely essential. I personally scoured loads of reviews from Amazon, Argos and Currys to find out what people who had already bought the machine thought of it. Websites like washingmachinereviews.co.uk are also extremely handy, as you get great unbiased information, which is so important to making an informed decision.

Out of interest I searched reviews for my old machine, and lots of people were stating how they’d had the same problem as I did. I also looked for information about the least reliable washing machine brands on the market, and surprise surprise, Indesit who had just failed me were right up there. Again, something I could have found out, avoided and saved myself a whole load of cash the first time round if I’d had just thought to look properly. In the end I found a machine which not only had rave reviews but also a lot of them- the Beko WM74145W (great washing machine, zero points for creative naming). So far it’s been perfect… fingers crossed! At under £300 the price point was ok, it’s quiet and even has a pet hair remover feature. This excited me probably more than it should have, but has been a real godsend with my two big hairy dogs! 

My advice is that when you’re buying a washing machine, always do your research. Don’t just assume it sounds good from the description, check out the reviews and unbiased review sites to find out if it has any common problems or faults. Of course you could still get unlucky, but it just gives you the best chance of not needing to fork out again for another new one before you have to. No one needs that kind of expense on a regular basis!

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