Why You Need Better Organisation Solutions In Your Life

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Organisation might seem like the most mundane thing ever, but personally I love it! I'm obsessed with cute storage systems and finding practical, innovative ways to store my stuff. And I have to admit, having all of my crap neatly organised really does make me feel like I've got my life together. If you have areas in your home that are currently disorganised and chaotic here are some of the ways you can sort them out. Take my word for it, you'll feel loads better afterwards!

The kitchen is of course an essential room to keep tidy and organised. Not only is it unappetising to cook and eat in a messy kitchen, but it can pose serious health risks as well. In a messy kitchen, it's easy for the spread of bacteria and cross contamination. To avoid the bacteria from raw meat and fish potentially spreading elsewhere in the kitchen, you could use color coded chopping boards. Another reason good organisation is essential in the kitchen is because it can be stressful digging around for equipment and ingredients mid way through your recipes. Keep your cupboards and fridge clean and tidy, and assign specific shelves for particular produce. Remember that raw meat should always be on the bottom so that it can't drip onto other food. Regularly empty the fridge and cupboards and clean them with hot soapy water or a bacterial cleaner to ensure that they stay fresh and hygienic. A great way to store and organise ingredients is to create a pantry. You could transform an old cupboard or a corner of your kitchen, or put up rows of shelves for an 'open pantry' if you don't have any additional space. Using clear glass jars keeps everything fresh and means you can easily grab what you need at a glance.

Being organised in the bedroom is essential to getting a good night's sleep. You're not going to feel very calm and peaceful if you're surrounded by clutter!  Spend a few minutes each day putting things in the right place, don't let things accumulate on bedside tables or dressing tables. Put clothes away so you don't end up with piles of them everywhere. Good storage systems are essential so that everything has a place. Some people choose to invest in some sliding wardrobes. These can work well in small space as they don't open out into the room. They are also floor to ceiling, which means you maximise the space you have. Buying a bed with storage drawers, or a frame that you can slide baskets underneath will give you more all important storage space, this can be handy for things like out of season clothes. It means you're not having to dig around for them in your wardrobe and have space for the things you're using on a regular basis.

Do you use your bathroom as a place to keep all of your cosmetics? Not only can this lead to clutter and mess but it's unhygeinic too. Bathrooms tend to have good lighting for makeup but once you're done, be sure to put all of your products away afterwards. Essential bath products such as shampoos, conditioners and shower gels can be organised into baskets to keep everything neat and tidy. You could organise them by category, or assign a basket to each person. If the smallest room in your house, is very small, then storage solutions such as hanging tidies or shower caddies can be useful. This will keep the mess to a minimum and free up your surfaces to be neat and clean.

Living Room
Some living rooms look like shrines to TV and media. While this is convenient, it doesn't necessarily look that attractive. While the TV is an important part of family recreation, a cupboard to hide away things like dvds and games will make everything look much cleaner and tidier. Coffee tables can also be clutter traps, so either invest in some storage baskets for underneath, or make the time to clear things away each day. That way you're not coming home to a messy, chaotic room each day.

Do you have any home organisation tips?

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