Cosy, Cold Weather Staples

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Anyone else wondering if it's too soon to start cranking the heating up every night? It's reached that chilly stage in the year where getting up in the morning feels like more of a challenge than climbing mount Everest. When it's cold outside the bed is automatically ten times more cosy- I'd kind of forgotten about that until recently. Thanks a lot, autumn. To make the colder seasons that bit more bearable I like to make sure I'm armed with all of my cosy essentials. Here are a few of things I've currently got on my shopping list!

Cosy Cardigans
I don't wear jumpers at all, they look horribly unflattering on me and I don't own a single one. So when it starts getting colder I'm all about cardigans instead. I like longer, relaxed fit styles to just throw on with a dress, some leggings, flats and a scarf for a simple autumn outfit. I especially like the look of this one from Dunedin Cashmere. I've never treated myself to a luxurious cashmere clothing item before, but since this is something I'd get so much wear out of I think it would be well worth the investment. 

Gloves, Hat and Scarf
I'm extremely picky when it comes to gloves, I don't know why but I can't stand anything elasticated around my wrists. Especially when it's something like wet wool, eeeek! I found the perfect pair of Ted Baker ones last year they were leather with open cuffs. But when I tried retrieving them from my bag recently one of them had sadly gone missing (not sure how long I've been weighing down my handbag with one lonely glove...) I'm hoping to find a similar pair again this year. I love scarves, and basically wear them with my outfits for as long as I can get away with in the year before it gets too warm! I'm hoping to pick up some chunkier knit style ones.

Slippers, Dressing Gown and Fluffy Socks
I buy these new pretty much every year, because I wear them to death. By the spring my dressing gowns and slippers are scruffy as anything as I have them on constantly when I'm at home. Primark do surprisingly soft ones, I usually check out Asda as well. My favourite slippers are either boots or little granny looking slippers that stay on your feet as I'm not a fan of mules that always fall off. I'm definitely in need of a new pair of these, I wore and washed my last ones until they were in holes. Yeah, I look super glam when I'm at home as you can tell! 

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Heated Blanket/ Hot Water Bottle
There's nothing better than getting into a warm and cosy bed at night when it's cold outside. A hot water bottle and heated blanked are the perfect cold weather staples. I got rid of mine when I moved into my current house and am yet to buy new ones, but they're on the list ready for when I next go shopping. 

Coffee Machine
I was never a fan of hot drinks up until fairly recently, but I'm obsessed now! I have a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine and you can buy a good selection of coffee, tea and hot chocolate pods to use in it. Some of my personal favourites are cappucinos, mochas and chai tea lattes- I'm definitely going to stock up for the weeks ahead. If you're a hot drinks fan and don't own one of these yet I highly recommend getting one. They're not that expensive, and give you amazing coffee shop style drinks every time. Perfect for the cold weather. 

What are your cosy, cold weather staples?

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