Get A Champagne Living Room On A Lemonade Budget

Are you tired of your dull interior and looking for an interior refresh? Take a peek at any celebrity or designer-led homes and you’ll see luxe living, vibrant colour, chic furnishings and fresh style. It's possible to emulate this luxe style on a more affordable pay cheque. You just need a bit of careful planning, design inspiration and a hero piece of furniture. Let's take a look at how you can create a champagne living room on a lemonade budget.

Beautiful Cushions 
Adding colour to your home shows you are design led, creative and have an eye for detail. Use a colour wheel to work out what hues complement or contrast with the colour scheme you already have in place. A contrast colour will add depth and dimension and generate a super luxe finish to your living room. So using the colour wheel you can see if you have a pink based living room a contrasting green will work well for cushions and make your room pop. And similarly, if you have a yellow/magnolia walls, a vibrant purple or soft lilac will add a dramatic look to your room. Or opt for chic monochrome a la Chanel. When choosing cushions think about texture and fabric. Go for linens, silk or taffeta. And go oversized. Opt for cashmere throws and add a reindeer or faux fur skin if you can. 

Create Show Stopping Artwork
Celebrities love their art, and to create a designer inspire living room you should aim to have a least three striking piece of artwork to your walls. Rather than buying a signed piece, of artwork you can search for prints you love in your local art stores. You can then use plush looking but cheap picture frames to mount your chosen artwork. Search for prints that are eclectic or statement making. And go big for impact.

Fresh Flowers And Candles
A designer home should always have beautiful fresh cut flowers and oversized candles for a stylish ambience. Flowers should be in a colour theme of pink, blue or white or an exotic mix of the wild. Vases should be clear glass and a mixture of both tall and small. Place on dining, coffee and console tables and the television cabinet. Long tall candles should have elegant candelabras. And oversized candles should be placed in plush lanterns stacked in threes. Also, include some smaller scented candles to create a beautiful fragrance throughout your living room.

A Hero Piece Of Furniture
Add one amazing piece to your living room and accessorise the rest with cute more affordable pieces. If you can’t deck out your whole living room in designer furniture, choose just one piece of hero furniture to make a stylish impact. Companies such as and LaRedoute create beautiful pieces that are designer inspired and affordable. Choose a statement light or a dramatic armchair. This could be an Ero marble light or a translucent Kartell Ghost chair. Or perhaps a marble dining table or a showstopping coffee table. The idea is to lead the eye to your hero piece of furniture and create a stunning living room around that piece.

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