Getting Ready For Autumn: Tips For Making Your Bedroom More Cosy


This summer has absolutely flown by for me, I can't believe that we're now well into September! I'm so not done with the long evenings and warm days, but with autumn right round the corner it's time to start preparing for the season ahead. Time to switch out our wardrobes and beauty products, as well as make a few updates around the home too. It's nice to get everywhere as cosy as possible when it's cold outside, and the bedroom is a good place to start. Here are a few changes you can make to get it as cosy as possible!

Light Scented Candles
As a bit of a candle obsessive I usually light them throughout most of the year, but it's especially nice in the autumn when the weather starts getting chillier. There are plenty of gorgeous autumnal scents to choose from, spiced apple and cinnamon are two of my favourites. And who doesn't love soft candlelight when it's raining and cold outside- perfect! A easy way to instantly make your room feel more cosy. Using soft glow bulbs in your lamps is also a nice way to create a cosy ambiance.

Spruce Up Your Bed
You should replace your mattress every seven years, after then it won't give you the same level of support. If yours is past it's best then it could be worth replacing. You could head down to your local bed shop and test out some different models. Autumn is the perfect time to update your bed so that you're extra comfy when the cold weather hits. The only problem will be dragging yourself out of it in the morning! Updating your duvet to one with a higher tog rating is useful at this time of year, and some nice new bedding and pillows will make everything extra snuggly.

Pile On The Soft Furnishings
Load up your bed with pillows, cushions and cosy throws for the ultimate in comfort! The way I make my bed extra comfortable in the autumn and winter, is to put a duvet on top of the mattress (with a fitted sheet over the top to secure it in place) and then a duvet on top of me too. Give it a try, it's the best thing ever! Cushions and throws are a good way to bring in some colour and texture to the room too. If like me you're neutrals obsessed it's useful for bringing in some warmth and added interest. Materials like cable knit and fleece are particularly nice for the colder seasons. Adding a rug to the floor is another way to bring in a cosy feel, especially if you have wooden floors although I use them over carpets too. Stepping out of bed onto a nice fluffy rug is always nice. 

Have you started preparing for autumn yet? Are you excited to go into a new season?


  1. These are some great ideas! In the summer I take a more bare approach but in the winter I definitely love piling on all the cushions and blankets to feel extra cozy! Loved this post. XO -Kim

  2. I love fall. It's my favorite season. I haven't really prepared yet, but I've been making some mental plans.

  3. Great ideas. I love candles and every fall, I mass purchase all the seasonal candles. I just got a new mattress three years ago but I could use new pillows and a new sheet set. :)
    Kiersten @Autumn Country Girl