Say Goodbye To Stubble Once And For All: The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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After a long summer of wearing dresses, skirts and shorts- you'll no doubt be fed up of the constant hair removal by now! Because when you've got your legs out they have to be smooth... it's just one of those things. But it doesn't have to be as difficult or time consuming as you'd think, and if you use your head now you can save yourself a whole load of bother next year. No more painful waxing, annoying shaving or hair removal cream that quite frankly burns hotter than hell. The answer is of course laser hair removal. When you opt for a long term method there's no messing around. No getting caught short with stubbly legs in the summer when you're prancing around in your pretty summer clothes. Being able to stay smooth while cutting out hair removal from your routine is most women's dream, but so few take advantage the longer term hair removal methods out there. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal!

It's Long Lasting
One of the most obvious reasons for choosing laser hair removal is that it's long lasting. Shaving will give you smooth legs for two days at best, and waxing will give you maybe a few weeks until you have to go again. It's just a whole lot of messing around. But if you start laser treatments over the autumn and winter, you'll be smooth in plenty of time for the spring next year. Think about the kind of time that could cut off your getting ready routine?! If you're generally about keeping things hassle free then this is your perfect choice. I know for me personally I already spend too much time faffing around with my skincare, hair and makeup in the morning. And so anything that can cut time off my routine somewhere else is always going to be a good thing.

It's Affordable
If you've been put off laser hair removal because you think it's expensive, it's worth taking a look again. Pulse Light Clinic for example offer laser hair removal from just £32 a treatment, and discounts on treatment packages too. So if you're looking for laser hair removal in London then these are a fantastic choice. Plus since they use the latest technology in lasers, their treatments are suitable for all skin types. Not every type of laser can treat darker skin tones, and so it's essential to choose a good clinic. If you price up the cost of waxing, pound for pound it actually works out about the same. So why choose something that's going to last for six weeks compared with something that will last much, much longer? Even if you go on to have further treatments, it still works out cheaper (and is kinder on the skin) than other methods of hair removal. Even shaving can add up, how many times do you replace your razor head a year? Because let's face it, those things aren't cheap! 

It Prevents Ingrown Hairs
Since laser hair removal targets and destroys the hair follicle/ root, it means that ingrown hairs are a thing of the past. If this painful condition is something that's an issue for you when it comes to removing hair, then laser hair removal is exactly what you need. This can also be an effective solution for men who need to be clean shaven for their job but suffer with ingrown hairs. A large proportion of people who go in for laser hair removal are men, and it of course has the same great effects on them as it does on women.

Have you ever had laser hair removal, and if not- would you consider it? 

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