Interior Decor Ideas For The Cosy Season

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Autumn is well and truly here. The season to say goodbye to those summer dresses and pull out the jumpers and ankle boots. The leaves are falling, the colours are changing and so is our mindset. I think everyone feels a need to hibernate at this time of year, not for the whole day, but certainly, as the nights draw in. So it’s natural to consider changing your decor to suit your latest mood. As I have shared how you can make your bedroom more cosy, I thought I would share with you some interior decor ideas that are inspired by the autumn season. Something you can inject into your whole home. It’s time to get cosy. 

Time to get the blankets out
There is nothing more relaxing than having a hot drink, or even a cheeky glass of your favourite tipple, and cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket. You can binge watch the latest box sets or even just enjoy a great film. Is it too early for christmas movies? Maybe! But blankets are a must for any living space at this time of year. Plus ist may help you not crank up the heating as much. 

Invest in key pieces
Sometimes it’s good to change up the furniture in some of your home. This is when it’s worth investing in key pieces. At this time of year you may be spending some time on a sofa or chair, so why not treat yourself to something that will stand the test of time. Something like chesterfield leather furniture can make great features in any living space. They also represent the autumn season quite well with their vintage rustic appearance. 

Add styling touches to represent the season
You don’t have to go far in any home section to find an abundance of items that represent the autumn season. From gold and copper coloured vases through to fox and owl ornaments. There are plenty of items you could purchase that would add a touch of autumn style to any room. 

Change the photographs in your frames
So you may love some of the pictures in your frames right now. But if you have any that represent the summer or you just fancy a change then now is a great time to do it. Dig out some snaps from autumn and winter last year or just change some of them in general. If you have a flare for photography get out with the family and do your own DIY photoshoot. You might snap some great shots to display proudly for the next few months. 

Get the candles out and consider autumnal scents
Finally, while you don’t need any excuse to light a candle, autumn and winter are seasons that just wouldn't work well without them. From big Yankee candles with the gorgeous scents through to those cream church candles, there are styles to suit every taste. There are some great autumnal scents available at this time of year, for example, cinnamon and pumpkin scents. Go crazy, you have permission.

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  1. I just go a bit mad and throw blankets everywhere! Tania xx