Bring The 21st Century To Your Bathroom With These Modern Ideas

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It’s easy for bathrooms to get out of date. They're hard to redecorate since they're so small, and we're usually stuck with the layout. If you're renting, you might get unlucky and find yourself stuck with ugly tiles and flooring too! Thankfully there are a few easy ways you can help to bring it all up to date so your bathroom doesn't look like it's stuck in a time warp.

Go Frameless With The Shower 
Wet rooms are becoming popular in homes again since they look so streamlined and chic. But if this isn't suitable for your bathroom, you could consider going for a new shower. Frameless showers are an excellent choice; not only do they look great, but they are easy to clean so more hygienic. You can find great frameless showers from brands such as Dilusso Showers which will look beautiful in your bathroom.

Use Clear Jars For Storage 
Finding good storage in the bathroom is hard work, especially when you're a bit of a product hoarder! Drawers are good to tidy away the main bulk, but I like clear apothecary jars for the prettier items.  These are particularly good for Lush products since you can see the cute designs but it keeps the moisture from the steam out so they don't get ruined. They look nice on display too, so really you're getting storage and a display piece rolled into one.

Add A Wall-Mounted Tablet Stand
We're all constantly on our phones and tablets, even in the bathroom! I don't know about you but it makes me extremely nervous when people use their devices in the bath. I'm far too clumsy for this and know that my phone would fall straight in the bath while I was trying to capture that perfect 'legs in the bath' Instagram shot. A practical way to be able to listen to music or watch videos while you're in the tub is to have a wall-mounted stand for your tablet installed. They usually go near the sink and extend out so that you can see clearly from the bath. The perfect way to relax with music or a film while you soak. These little touches really help to bring your bathroom into the new century.

Go White With Decor 
A light neutral in a small room like the bathroom is always going to be the best choice. It will make it look bigger and more spacious, and generally just more fresh and modern. If your bathroom is completely tiled, consider using white tile paint to give it a makeover. You could give it some personality with a statement floor or with a bold accent colour. These would be things like your towels, bath mat and any decorative accessories. This can help prevent the white from looking a bit too stark and clinical. Plus with a neutral base, it's easy to change this colour up later down the line if you get bored.

Update The Taps
If you're not able to replace the entire bathroom suite, you'd be surprised about how much difference updating the taps can make. It can make a dated bathroom instantly look new and modern. It's a quick job for a plumber to do, and if you're renting just keep the old ones to put back when you leave. Theres are loads of designs to choose from so it's easy to find something that reflects your style.

How would you bring an old bathroom up to date?

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  1. I think white is perfect for a bathroom, but my Dad done ours blue and it's just... not my style! Tania xx