Essential Items No Stylish Country Kitchen Should Be Without

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While country kitchens can look shabby or rustic, usually, a lot of work and organisation has gone into making them seem that way. The cupboard doors, floors and furniture and accessories all need to be just right to achieve that perfect country charm. If you're looking to transform your kitchen to fit the style, here are a few ways you can go about it.

Welsh Dresser
A welsh dresser is a great option for bringing a country look into your kitchen. These are large cabinets, usually made of pine although you can paint them to match the rest of your counters. They have cupboards on the bottom for storage and open shelves on the top. The idea is that you display the best pieces of crockery or pottery in the open shelves, so they serve an organised and practical purpose as well as a decorative one. If you have a lot of pretty pieces, for example those of you who are Emma Bridgewater fanatics will find something like this to be the perfect addition to the kitchen. Keep an eye out in antique shops, Gumtree, Craigslist and eBay for any vintage pieces that you can upcycle.

Edison Bulbs
Edison bulb lights bring an interesting look to the room, and can bring a cool industrial vibe to an otherwise cute looking country kitchen. These are the vintage shaped glass bulbs that have large decorative filaments inside, so can be used in light fittings that show off the bulb. A low hanging set of three look great in the kitchen or even over the dining table. Speaking of dining, if you have a kitchen/ diner, incorporate the dining table into the kitchen design. Dress it with gorgeous tableware- crisp white linen tablecloths, good crockery and cutlery. A stunning decorative centerpiece such as fresh or faux flowers will finish off the look.

Range Cooker
If you're a country style kitchen enthusiast, you will know that the 'piece de resistance' is a range cooker. These are old fashioned styles cookers which are made in metal and enamel. They have hot plates on the top for your pans, and multiple ovens that work at different temperatures for cooking. This means you can cook all sorts of items in them at the same time, making them a home cook or budding chef's dream. If you are looking for true country kitchen authenticity, then brand like Aga are a good choice. This is the quintessential English range cooker, and is often fitted into a nook all of its own in the kitchen. Getting to grips with the characterful but somewhat temperamental old style ranges can be a bit much for some people. But you can always go for a shiny new version that looks the part but works on electricity or gas instead.

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