Simple Ways You Can Stay Safe in Your Daily Life

Regardless of how intelligent you are, some people just lack drastically in common sense. Whether you're a little careless or clumsy or just act without thinking, we're all guilty of it at times. Worryingly there are quite a few things that can go wrong in life if you don’t take the right precautions, and so to stay safe and live a long and healthy life here are a few tips to bear in mind

On The Roads
It goes without saying that you should wear a seatbelt at all times. Even if you’re only going to be driving for a few minutes, for something that takes seconds to clip in just don’t risk it. Other ways you can stay safe on the roads is to do regular checks of your car, don’t just wait until your MOT. If anything feels dodgy, get it looked at right away. Make sure the tyres are in good condition, there are no warning lights are showing on the dash, and that all of the fluids are regularly topped up and not going below the minimum level. When it’s snowy or icy, only go out onto the roads if you absolutely have to. Another way to make sure you stay safe on the roads is to maintain good driving habits too. Checking mirrors often, putting signals on correctly and not pulling out into gaps in traffic at risky times. As a cautious learner driver I struggle to understand how anyone can fall into bad habits with these things, but I know it does happen as I see it all the time when I’m out on the roads!

At Work
You should have a proper health and safety induction when you first start at a job. This usually involves a cheesy video and a manager pointing out the obvious, but it’s important that they do so. Your workplace has a duty to make sure you’re safe on the job, and to make you aware of any risks. If you have been hurt at work and it wasn’t your fault, you’re well within your rights to look into personal injury claims. You can keep safe at work by following protocol, being aware that side effects of medication may mean you’re unable to safely carry out your job (particularly if you work with machinery) and by staying alert. 

On a Night Out
Alcohol can lead to all kinds of dangerous issues, as let's face it- no one has their best thinking cap on after a few cocktails. But there are things you can do to make sure you stay safe. First is to ensure you have taxi fare home, in cash in your purse. Put this separate from any other money. Even if you have arranged to share a taxi with friends, make sure you have enough to get yourself home if you need it. Secondly is to make sure you have battery on your phone. It’s crucial to be able to contact someone if an emergency does crop up. If you know that you spend the night taking photos on your phone, either invest in a digital camera or buy a portable power bank charger. Finally, make sure the people you’re out with look after each other. It’s easy to say ‘don’t drink too much’ but if that does happen, at least having reliable friends who are going to make sure you get home safely is important. Don’t let people wonder off on their own, if someone wants to leave early make sure you see them off in a taxi.

At Home
More accidents happen at home than anywhere else, which seems insane but it makes sense when you think about it. Aside from when you’re at work, you’re at home for most of the time. But unlike at work, there are no health and safety procedures in place or no one stopping you from doing stupid things. Falling off chairs, cuts, burns, electric shocks and injuries from power tools are all things you could face at home. If something seems dangerous, it’s probably best not to do it. Rather than standing on a swivel chair to change a light bulb- spend two minutes extra locating a step ladder from the shed. Keep your wits about you when you’re cutting or cooking anything, and don’t touch power tools unless you’re absolutely sure you know how to use them! If you don’t, call in a professional and pay for them to do certain jobs instead.


  1. I love the new vibe you have given to the blog! I'm currently taking my driving liscence and I have started to become aware of how dangerous can roads be... You definetly need to be really careful.

    xx Cecil

    1. Thanks Cecil! Oh wow are you taking your driving lessons too? I'm (hopefully) towards the end of mine now, hoping to have my license very soon! xx