Stylish Alternatives To Net Curtains in Your Home

Just a decade ago, net curtains were the window treatment of choice. I’m not sure if they’re just a British thing, but if you’re not familiar with them they’re lacy white things, usually with elaborate designs, that look a little something like this. And while they might do a good job of maintaining privacy, these days frumpy frilly net curtains have well and truly gone ‘out the window’ (pun intended, oh yeah). Modern decor favours much more sleek looking designs, so if you’re looking to update here are a few options you can consider for your windows.

Shutters or wooden blinds are a stunning window treatment that instantly make your home look more expensive. You can get them in different colours or styles, and a company that specialises in fantastic window shutters will ensure they are perfectly fitted to your windows. They’re a great way to bring in a luxe feel while giving you the flexibility to adjust the light and privacy, as well as keep the room shaded from the sun in summer. They can look rustic or super modern depending on the design. Once I buy my own home, these are the kind of window treatments I’ll be going for without a doubt.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds look sleek and modern and are becoming an increasingly popular option in homes. Drive down any street in the UK, and you’ll find that probably around half of the people on it will have gone with vertical blinds. While they can still work out quite pricey when you’re doing the whole house in them, they’re a more affordable option to shutters and wooden blinds. This is what I’ve gone with in my house (my boyfriend is a vertical blind fitter, so it made sense!) I like how you can control the light, and how they look from the outside. If you’re going to go with vertical blinds, always go for the wand option rather than the cord. Most come with this anyway these days, but corded blinds can be a choking hazard for both children and pets. 

Voile Blinds
Voile blinds are like net curtains trendier, more modern cousin. These sheer blinds won't shade the  room in any way, but are an excellent lightweight option that adds privacy to your home. They’re not gaudy like nets, but still give you a little something up at your window to stop people from being able to peer in. They’re inexpensive, so the perfect economical choice.

Bare Windows
This definitely isn’t an option in all cases. If you live on a busy street or don’t have the right kind of home- bare windows will just make your house look abandoned (and make you feel like you’re living in a fishbowl). But if you’re lucky enough to have beautiful windows and live in a house that’s set back from the street, this could be an option to consider. 

What do you have up at your windows? Have you made the switch from net curtains?