Achieve The Shiny, Happy Hair You've Always Wanted!

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We can all be hard on our hair, there’s no denying it. Over washing, blow drying, heat styling. When you go on a night out, it probably means teasing the roots, applying drying volumising products and then topping it off with a load of hairspray. Not to mention now we’re in winter, the weather alone can be harsh enough on it. To counteract all of this, we need to take steps to look after our hair and stop it from becoming a dried out and brittle mess. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Use Specially Formulated Shampoo and Conditioner
Do you usually just grab the first bottle of shampoo or conditioner off the shelf that you like the look of? I have to admit I’m guilty of this at times, but try to pay attention to the label. For example, if you have very dry hair, choosing something ‘volumising’ is likely to be quite stripping and too light to nourish your locks. If you have very fine hair, choosing heavy deeply conditioning products is likely to leave your hair weighed down. This leads to it getting greasy quicker and then causing you to over wash it. Find products that are suited to go, whether your hair is dry, normal, fine, thick, straight or curly. With so many options out there, you won’t struggle to find the perfect formulation for you

Use Hair Oils
Hair oils are incredible and are a sure way to improve the health of your hair. If like me you have very fine hair you’ll be happy to know you can still use them without making it greasy. Just make sure you choose a light oil or one that’s formulated for finer hair, for example Moroccan Oil has a ‘light’ version of their classic product. After washing, a small amount run through the ends will help to detangle and protect it from brushing damage. It can also be used on the ends of dry hair to give it a boost of moisture. 

Nourish From The Inside
Healthy bodies will grow healthy hair. So as well as looking after the hair you have, nourishing from the inside will help you to grow healthier and more lustrous hair. Include fish for omega 3, yogurt and lean meat for protein, carrots, and sweet potatoes for beta carotene and citrus fruits for vitamin C- all of which will contribute to healthy hair growth. I wrote a post here which explains in more detail about how different foods can benefit the hair. You can also take a multivitamin or extra supplements to give you peace of mind that you’re getting everything you need. Websites including have an extensive selection.

Protect From Bad Weather
With drizzly rain dampening your hair and then the wind whipping it around your face, it won’t take long for hair to become dry and damaged over the winter. You can prevent this by using protective hairstyles. For example, a French braid with the end tucked into your coat will physically protect it. Wear a hat where possible too which will look cute as well as protect your hair. As well as winter, summer can also cause problems with the hair. The sun’s rays can quickly dry and damage it. Again, wearing a hat and also spraying your hair well each day with heat protectant can help.

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