Don't Be Struck Down By These Winter Disasters

There’s nothing prettier than icicles on windowsills, and a layer of crisp white snow covering every surface. If you don’t mind the cold too much winter is so magical, and with the run up to Christmas being on it’s exciting too (at least in the beginning, not so much come February and we’re all totally sick of it!) With the colder weather comes a couple of season- specific risks that it’s worth being aware of. Here are some of the ways you can protect yourself and have a happy Christmas and winter in general.

In The Home
With temperatures dropping, it can spell disaster for certain areas in the home. Pipes can burst due to freezing and expanding leading to expensive flood damage. You can prevent this by having them properly insulated as early as possible; it’s not costly to do but could save you dramatically in the long run. If you have a basement it can be even more of an issue, a basement flood cleanup from a professional company might be needed to remove all of the water. You’ll need to check your roof and gutter for any leaks; these might not become evident until a particularly bad bout of rain but the earlier it’s sorted, the better. During winter, the grease and grime that goes down your plug can freeze and lead to a blocked drain. You can prevent this by regularly cleaning it and not pouring fatty products down drains. 

On The Roads
The roads in December are a bit of a disaster. They’re packed to the brim of people trying to cram in some last minute shopping or see loved ones. The weather conditions means they’re more dangerous than usual to drive on and to top it all off; there are usually more drink drivers on the roads during the festive season. The first thing you could do to avoid accidents or problems is to only make essential journeys. Secondly, keep your wits about you and be aware that you may experience more problems than usual. Maintain a good separation gap between you and the car in front in the event of any skidding due to ice. And have some emergency breakdown materials in your car. A warning triangle and some supplies could be useful if you have an accident or breakdown on a night that’s below freezing.

In Public
As with the roads, snow and ice on paths mean you could become injured as a pedestrian due to a slip or fall. Walking carefully and wearing proper footwear which offers a good grip is one of the ways you can prevent this from happening to you. Take it slowly, leave more time for your journey rather than hurrying off in a mad rush. If you have an elderly neighbour or relative, make sure they are being taken care of while it’s icy outside. You could help them to order their shopping online, so they won't have to go out themselves and risk a dangerous fall. Or you could offer to run errands for them could be useful

Are there any extra precautions to ensure your safety over the winter?

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