Hosting an Outdoor Party Come Rain or Shine

Hosting a party outdoors is an excellent way to put a unique twist on a gathering. Instead of everyone being crammed into a town hall or pub function room, you can enjoy the great outdoors. There are many beautiful spots where you might choose to throw your party and give everyone a fantastic view. Outdoor parties don't just have to be for the summer, either. Deciding to party outside can come with its challenges, though. Whether it's a wedding or a 50th birthday party, you're not in the safe cocoon of a building. If you're thinking of having a party outside, don't forget these essential considerations.

Fighting Against the Weather
We have a beautiful tradition in the UK of hosting a party come rain or shine. Even if it starts to snow, we'll all turn up for a good time. You always need to be prepared because even in the summer, there's no guarantee of sunshine. So the first rule of any outdoor party is always to be ready for cold or wet weather. You can set up a space that's designed for enjoying in any weather. For example, you could have a marquee with heaters so everyone can stay warm and dry. Another option is to have a contingency plan; if it all goes wrong, you can go elsewhere.

Take Care of the Practicalities
When you have a party outside, there are some practical issues to consider. You won't have the comforts of a building. Even if you're right next to a building, there can still be issues with using the facilities. One thing you will need to consider is toilets. Sometimes you will be lucky to have some nearby. But if you need to provide them, look into luxury toilet hire and make sure there are washing facilities too. Other issues to consider include catering and electricity. How will you cook, transport and store food? Will you need a generator to hook up lights and other equipment?

Provide Seating
Dancing the night away is great, but not everyone wants to stand up all the time. Dropping down onto the grass isn't going to cut it for most people. You're probably considering providing seating, but make sure you have enough. There should be places for everyone to sit down if they want to. There are lots of ways to do it, depending on the style of the party. You might all be sitting down to eat, or you could provide more casual furniture like sofas or loungers. To go even more informal, blankets on the ground can create a picnic area.

Be Ready for Sunset
Are you planning to dance the night away? You'll need to prepare for the dark, especially if you're having a winter party. Make sure you have enough lighting to make everything not just pretty but safe too. Even in the summer, it can get chilly when the sun goes down, so make sure you keep everyone warm. A fire and perhaps some mulled wine could help everyone stay toasty during a winter gathering.

Outdoor parties can be fun at any time of year. Just make sure you think it through so you can keep your guests happy.

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