Is Your Garden As Family Friendly As You Think?

A house’s garden is a very important feature for families. It provides a safe space for children and pets to play and run around, and when the weather is nice it gives you the perfect place to throw barbeques and garden parties.  But is your garden really as family friendly as you think it is? There are many hidden dangers in gardens that can be quite dangerous to humans and pets. Here are some that you need to take particular care of.

Child-Friendly Garden Furniture
Is your garden furniture safe for young children? Some pieces of outdoor furniture can be quite high off the ground, which could be dangerous for kids. The height might increase the risk of them falling. When you're looking for family friendly garden furniture, try to find items that aren’t too high. Looking for sun loungers and garden seats that are cushioned will also be beneficial as well. Most garden furniture stores will be able to advise you on their pieces that are best suited for families with small children. You can visit Bridgman for more details

Dangerous Plants
Plants and flowers are a major part of any garden, and they can really turn it into a beautiful space for your family. However, you need to take great care when you are choosing the types of plants and flowers for your garden. Especially if you have very young children and pets. You shouldn’t plant any plants that are poisonous and could be a danger to any humans of animals. Unless, of course, you can safely fence them off so that young kids and pets can’t reach them. But, generally speaking, it is much safer to keep these dangerous plants out of your garden completely.

Cover Ponds
Do you have a pond in your garden? They can be a very decorative addition to any outdoor space. Unfortunately, they pose a large risk to small children and pets who might fall in. Thankfully, there is a solution to this that means you don’t need to fill your pond in! All you need to do is cover it with some meshing. You will be able to buy netted meshing at your local garden centre. Netted meshing has the advantage that the pond and all its wildlife will still be visible. And it also acts as a safety net to any toddlers and pets who might stumble into the pond!

Storage For Tools And Equipment
It isn’t a good idea to leave any of your gardening tools and equipment out in the garden. This will put them within easy reach of children, and they could end up hurting themselves on all the equipment. If you have a garden shed, make sure that you always put your tools away after you have used them. Don’t have a shed? You can buy them very cheaply these days. But if you don’t have the space, you should pack up all your gardening equipment and take it inside. Think about storing it in your garage or utility room.

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