Winter Essentials Your Man Needs In His Wardrobe

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The clocks have gone back, the temperature has started to drop and the days of wearing summer clothes are over. Winter is here so it’s time to start preparing our wardrobes for snow, wind, and rain. We all understandably want to stay dry and warm during the winter months, but still look stylish in the process. While us girls might know how to achieve this effortlessly, our husbands and boyfriends may find this more of a struggle. Here are some wardrobe essentials that will work for most styles.

Sturdy Boots
Trainers, plimsolls and loafers are not ideal footwear when there's snow on the ground. They can easily get soaked through causing wet feet, plus the lack of grip means it's easy to slip over. Boots  are a much better option, it could be anything from Dr. Martens to Timberlands depending on their style. If you do a lot of walking together and don't let the bad weather stop you, or you have dogs then a pair of wellington boots could be an option too. No more ruined shoes and boots after every walk! A thick pair of socks for underneath is essential, since wellies don't keep in heat or keep your feet warm.

A Hooded Parka
There are a number of fashionable men’s winter coats available to buy on the high-street, but none are more appropriate for winter than the parka. These hooded coats remain popular year after year due to their comfort and functionality. The majority of parkas are made from waterproof materials which are ideal even when the winter weather is at it's worst. Many are also lined with padding or fleecing for added comfort and warmth. A parka can be worn with jeans and a hoodie during the evenings and weekends, but are versatile enough to be worn over a suit if they work a job that requires one too. This versatility makes parka’s a must-have item for most men. Encourage your husband or boyfriend to invest in a high-quality parka, that way it will last well and look good every winter for years to come.

Knitwear is a winter staple. Soft and cosy knit jumpers can easily be layered, which is ideal during colder weather conditions. They can be worn over simple t-shirt for a laid back and casual look. They can also look smart when worn over shirts and under jackets. Make sure your husband or boyfriend considers how he intends to wear the jumper before investing in one. This is important as it can strongly influence the thickness of the knit and the colour he chooses. Cardigans can look stylish too, and you don't have to go 'grandpa chic' with it! There are loads of stylish cuts and designs to choose from which are worth checking out.

Now you both have the perfect winter wardrobe, nothing is stopping you from embracing this cold but magical season together.

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