Creating a Winter Wonderland At Home

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Each season has its selling points, but the beautiful snow and spirit of Christmas make winter a winner in everyone’s eyes. Admittedly come January the novelty has well and truly worn off, but during the festive season the winter weather does feel really magical. Providing you can avoid any major winter disasters, embracing the coldest season can be a lot of fun. Creating your own little cosy winter wonderland at home means plenty of snuggling up, getting comfy and enjoying the view of the cold weather from a window (without actually having to experience it). That's my kind of winter! Here are some of the ways you can make your home extra cosy this year.

Clean & Clear
Before doing anything in your home such as changing things around, decorating or switching things up- getting things clean and clear first is essential. A deep clean will get everything up to scratch and leave you with a fresh blank canvas to start from. Adding Christmassy scents in the form of candles, plug-in air fresheners and reed diffusers will then add festivity to your home.

Stock Up On Winter Warmers
Adding plenty of cosy textures and soft furnishings to a room will instantly give it a warm and homely feel. Rugs on the floors, thick curtains to keep out any drafts and loads of cushions, pillows, throws and blankets. It's absolutely freezing at night now, so changing your duvet to one with a higher tog rating will keep you much more toasty at night. I put a soft throw like this one over the top of my sheets to lie on, and then another over the top of the duvet. Serious warmth right there, I can't recommend it enough! A memory foam pillow on the bed will provide comfort as well as support, or you could go with traditional feather or polyester filled pillows to make the bed look extra plush. Fluffy socks, fleecy pyjamas, a dressing gown and slippers are all winter essentials. You can get these really cheaply but still nice quality from loads of places on the high street. So may as well stock up for the cold weather!

Add The Finishing Touches
This is easy with it being Christmas, you can finish the look of your home with beautiful Christmas decorations . But once Christmas has been and gone and the decorations are down, you can make it look wintery in other ways. Fresh flowers are a great way to bring life into the room, and you can match the colour to the winter colour scheme you've chosen. You could change cushion covers, throws, faux flowers and even curtains by season. White, red or metallics such as silver and gold are good choices for winter. If your room is fairly neutral it means you can easily switch up the accent shade depending on the season. You don't need to buy everything new each year, invest in a few big plastic boxes and put each seasons homeware into it and store it in the attic. Then each time a new season comes round you can grab the box you want and decorate your home. It keeps things interesting and stops you from becoming bored with your surroundings!

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