Here's How You Could Be Wasting Money At Home

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Many people are wasting money at home without even realising that they’re doing so. Next month is the perfect time to address your finances, after a frivolous Christmas you'll probably want to tighten the purse strings for a while! Here are some ideas on how you could be wasting money at home.

Failing To Switch Utility Providers
If you’ve been with the same utility provider for a long time, you could be wasting so much money. You should check if you're getting the best price once a year- after all, energy suppliers are all providing the same thing so why would you pay more? Look into it to see if are better deals out there that you’re not getting. Be prepared to switch to save money! 

Using The Wrong Light Bulbs
Traditional light bulbs are expensive to buy, don't last long and use a lot of energy. Thankfully there are much better bulbs on the market these days. Some last up to twenty five years and are much kinder on the planet too. One example of this is GU10 Bulbs. When you buy energy saving bulbs, you’ll save on your bills and also on replacing bulbs in the future. 

Buying More Food Than You Need
We've all done it at one time or another. Walked into the supermarket without a plan and came away with a whole lot of junk and unecessary purchases. Creating a meal plan and a shopping list makes it much easier to shop smart. Another way you're probably wasting money is by letting fresh produce go off. Instead of stocking up for the week, popping out every couple of days for fresh ingredients is your best bet. At the very least, make sure you're storing everything properly since fresh food loses goodness quickly after being picked. Make sure your fridge is at the correct temperature and follow tips like the ones on this site to make everything last longer. 

Buying All Branded Products 
Sometimes, you get what you pay for. There are always going to be occasions where buying the branded version will equate to better quality and taste. But there are lots of instances where the ingredients are very similar, if not identical with cheaper versions. You might need to experiment and work out which products you're happy to make swaps on. But utilising supermarkets own brands for some products will slash your food bill. You can read many comparisons online that will give you a good idea of what you can swap. 

Using Too Much Water
When we're so lucky to live in an age where clean water comes from the tap. it's easy to take it for granted. This can lead to being wasteful. Running the water while you’re doing the dishes or brushing your teeth, for instance, can use up way more water than you really need to. You should also try taking short showers rather than baths where possible. Be on the lookout for leaky taps too. Having a water meter fitted (where you're charged on how much you use rather than a set rate) can be useful for saving money if you're savvy with water. But if not, you'll pay over the odds. 

Heating/Lighting Rooms You Don’t Need To 
Heating and lighting rooms you don’t really need to is easily done, especially if you haven’t automated your home. Having your home automated can be costly at first, but once it’s done it will save money in the long run. The rooms you need to be warm will be warm, and the ones you aren’t using will stay the same. I'm in the process of creating a 'smart home', where everything can be controlled through apps and voice activation. Which feels really futuristic at the moment, but I'm sure will be the norm within a few years!

Not Having The Right Insulation
Make sure you have the right insulation in your home so you’re not losing heat. In some cases, this can be free depending on where you live. Cavity wall and loft insulation will keep your home warmer for longer, and prevent the heat you do use from escaping so easily.

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  1. I love post that give me tips for saving money! I find writing up a meal plan and a shopping list really help save money. The problem is we need to be strict and do this weekly. I agree with buying no name branded things. Things like diced tomatoes are always the same whether you buy a name brand or a no name brand. We recently switched utility providers and it hasbeen saving us a bit. I think comparing prices on these things is important to do regularly incase a better deal comes out. Thankyou for sharing.

    Sarah's Abode -xx