Looking to Change Up Your Skincare Routine?

Looking to change up your skincare routine? Maybe the products you're using aren't working as well as you'd like, or perhaps you need something more intense due to the colder weather. It can be easy to grow bored of products too, with so many on the market it's always tempting to want to try something new! When it comes to things like makeup and even haircare it's easy to simply swap one product for another, but when it comes to your skincare routine you need to be a little more careful. Products can take time to work, and too many changes in a short space of time can actually irritate your skin and have the opposite effect of what you're after. Before jumping straight in, here are some points to bear in mind.

Be Choosy About The Products That You Use 
Just because a certain beauty brand or product is popular, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. We've all done it, jumped on the bandwagon because our favourite blogger or Youtuber is raving over a product. Often things 'do the rounds' in the beauty community where loads of posts will spring up about a certain product and you can find yourself wanting to try it. But if you know you don't react well to particular formulas or ingredients then it's worth giving it a miss. Choosing skincare which is all natural is your safest option, you're unlikely to have a reaction. Tropic Skincare are one example of a brand selling natural products. 

Don't Chop and Change Too Much 
A mistake that a lot of us make when it comes to skincare is having too many things on the go at once. You might use one brand of facial oil one night, and another brand the next. You might have a couple of different cleansers and moisturisers on the go. The issue with this is if you do have a reaction, its hard to pinpoint the exact culprit. It also means that if something is working well, again it's difficult to ascertain exactly which product has made the difference. Ideally you will swap one product at a time rather than changing everything at once so it's easier to judge how it's working. Then if your skin is looking and feeling good, swap something else.

Give it Time 
Put together a skincare routine with one of each type of product and stick with it for at least six weeks (unless you have a reaction, in which case stop using everything immediately until you know the cause). This gives you plenty of time to see how well the routine has worked for your skin. If you are using products targeted towards specific skin complaints such as acne, any changes aren't likely to happen overnight. Stick with it, follow the instructions on the packaging and don't be tempted to lose faith and give up if you don't see instant differences. 

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