No More Pet Peeves With These Home Hacks

Every home has issues which are annoying to deal with. Whether it's something your partner or a member of your family does which drives you crazy, or the house itself that causes the issues- why not look into solutions to deal with them? In many cases there are easy fixes but can put an end to these irritating problems. Here are a few home hacks you could try.

Clutter can easily accumulate in the home. Every time you go on a shopping trip or treat yourself to something new, you're bringing extra items into the limited space that you have. For this reason, regular decluttering is essential. I like to declutter at the start of every season- go through every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe and get rid of things that are no longer useful. Clutter can also be contained by having good storage systems in place, for example tall drawers in bathrooms will give you lots of space to put things without taking up much room. You could use baskets on shelves to maximise the storage space you have, and spend time researching furniture purchases. From here you can work out exactly what will fit, while offering you the most storage capacity.

Shoes Piled Up
Piles of shoes can be irritating, not only can you trip over them but they also look untidy. One way to get around this is to set a rule that no shoes are left in the hall. State that everyone has to take theirs off and put them away in their room once they get home. Alternatively, if you have a coat cupboard downstairs you could designate a couple of shelves for shoes so they're kept out of the way. If not, at least putting a shoe rack to hold your shoes neatly in one corner or under the stairs will keep everything together.

If there's one thing worse than ploughing through a pile of laundry- washing, drying, ironing and hanging up- it's dealing with the sight of the accumulated piles. Solve this problem by investing in laundry baskets. Keeping one in each bedroom is ideal, as then no-one has an excuse to leave their washing on the floor. I prefer baskets which are split into two so you can put darks in one half and lights in the other. It makes it much easier when you then come to wash it. 

Slamming Drawers
If you've had enough of hearing the sound of drawers slamming in your home, you'll be pleased to know there is a solution. New drawer runners can be fit into the furniture which prevents them from banging shut, instead, making them close slowly and fluidly. I can imagine this being particularly nice in the kitchen, there's something luxurious about a soft close kitchen suite! Although is of course useful for any furniture.

Neverending Floor Cleaning
Pulling out the vacuum cleaner every day is a chore, there's no doubt about it. But it's an essential job to keep on top of in the home, especially if you have pets since their hair can build up quickly. Plus a layer of dust is bad for anyone with allergies and is generally just unpleasant. One thing you could consider is getting a vacuum robot to do it for you! They find their own direction from built-in sensors, just turn it on, and let the floor cleaning begin. Personally I'd always go in one or twice a week with the regular vacuum as well just to get into the corners and make sure nothing was missed. But it's a good way to keep on top of the floors.

What pet peeves do you have with your home?

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