Small Wedding Details Most Couples Tend To Forget

If there is one stereotype that usually rings true, it is the highly organised bride-to-be. Most women tend to be very on top of their wedding planning and organisation from as soon as they get engaged. What with all the excitement that usually comes with wedding preparations, it can be all too easy for couples to forget some of the smaller details for their wedding. No matter how organised the bride may think she is! To give all you future newlyweds, here are some of the most important things you should try to not forget.

A Rain Plan
You may have dreams of a cute outdoor wedding. But do you know what you will do if it ends up raining on your big day? It’s a good idea to think of a rain plan just in case. After all, you can’t guarantee bright sunshine on any day, not even at the height of August! It’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst, so be sure to have a rain plan. This should include a backup venue at the very least. If things get very wet and muddy, you may have to find some alternative footwear for yourself and the bridesmaids! Oh and don’t forget some umbrellas. You don’t want to get your gorgeous wedding dress completely wet!

No one wants their guests to get lost on their way to the chapel or the reception venue. And the best way to prevent this from happening is by ordering some bespoke signs. Another cute idea is to include a hand-drawn map in your wedding programme. There are lots of companies that sell specialist wedding signposts. You will just need to write your names onto it with a thick marker pen. Alternatively, if you like getting crafty, you could try making one yourself!

Have you thought about how you are going to get to the church? The groom’s transport isn’t such a big deal as he should get there before most of the guests. However, when it comes to the bride’s transport, you need to think about making a statement. Everyone will already be at the church and will want to see you arrive! One nice idea would be to think about supercar hire.

A Guestbook
Buying a scrapbook and leaving it out on a reception table is the easiest way to create a guestbook for your guests to sign with all their well wishes. But it will certainly pay off to make a book that is far more enticing for your guests! One nice idea is to leave a Polaroid camera with the book and invite guests to stick a picture into the scrapbook next to their entry. If you want to try something very modern, you could hire a videographer to document the entire day. They could interview your guests and record their best wishes. 

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