Stop Smoking Products To Kick The Habit in 2017

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Whenever I hear that people want to quit smoking- I'm all for it! As someone that really dislikes the smell and sight of cigarettes, the idea of people quitting them is music to my ears. But even with my biases aside, it doesn't take a health expert to know that quitting smoking can only be a good thing. While it’s vital that you are 100% committed to the goal, there are plenty of tools available to help you along the way. Here are just a few of the products and tools out there designed to quit smoking.

Nicotine Gum
It’s been around for a long time now, but nicotine gum is still one of the most effective stop-smoking aids on the market. It’s not cheap to buy, but with smoking being an incredibly expensive habit you're in profit- especially if it provides you with what you need to quit for good. According to the average price of a packet is about to skyrocket to £15, so even if you're not thinking of your health the cost may be enough to give you the motivation you need. You can buy from pharmacies or have it prescribed by a doctor. If you're serious about quitting then speaking to your doctor is a good move, many will be able to give you help and advice to improve your chances.

While they might be a new invention, e-cigarettes have helped thousands of people to stop smoking during the last few years. This is because people tend to find it easier to quit e-cigarettes than they do traditional ones. You can also gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you're using much more easily.  One of the benefits of e-cigarettes is that only a negligible amount of nicotine is released into the air, meaning there's little to no passive smoking risks. And because the nicotine is heated and not burned, you don't get the same harmful toxins and byproducts making them much better for your health. Specialists like those at will discuss your options and recommend the best products. 

Nicotine Patches
Nicotine patches are another useful option. Some people report that gum can leave a bad aftertaste in their mouth or stain their teeth, patches will avoid these issues. Some people do report nightmares when using them which seems unusual to me, but it may be a case of trial and error to find out what works for you. Many people have reported them to be very effective. As with the gum, you can get these prescribed by a doctor or simply buy them from a chemist.

Nicotine Mouth Spray
Mouth spray is another method you can use to help you stop smoking. While it doesn’t claim to create astonishing results alone, it’s often used in conjunction with other products. Maybe you’re using the patches, and you just have a moment of weakness? Spraying the nicotine-laced chemical into your mouth could stop your urges and assist you in avoiding a relapse. 

With the right products and a positive attitiude you might find you're able to kick the habit for good in 2017. The new year is always good for providing motivation, so use that as your starting point. Attending talking therapy groups, hypnosis or reading self help books might be useful too especially if you're a very heavy smoker. 

Will you be kicking the habit in 2017?

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