Think Garden Parties Are Just For The Summer? Think Again!

We all know that the festive season is a time for entertaining, but winter in general is great for having people over. It could be for a movie night or a cosy evening of drinks and food- there's still plenty to do even when the weather isn't great! Many of us go to town on getting our homes winter or Christmas ready which is loads of fun, but with all that emphasis on homewares around this time of year, our gardens can become a little bit neglected. This is where you could be missing a trick. When you organise your next winter get-together round at your place, why not suggest having it outside? You might get some complaints about the weather at first (and admittedly if you aren't prepared, everyone will just want to go back inside). But there are things you can do to pull off a winter garden party and pull it off with style. 

Gather Round a Fire 
You'll need something to keep you all warm while you're sat outside. Blankets are, of course, a great option and you should aim to provide a few for people to snuggle up under. But no winter garden party would be complete without a roaring fire going to keep everyone toasty. Plus, as it gets dark so early in the run up to Christmas, you may be relying on the light cast by the flames in order to see each other properly. There are a few different options for an impressive and functional fire. You may already have a fire pit in your garden, in which case it shouldn't be too much trouble to fire up. If not, you may want to invest in a chiminea which you can stoke with firewood. Putting some electric heaters around the corners of your circle can also help to ensure that everyone is comfortable. 

Go Luxe with a Hot Tub 
Fancy turning your winter get-together up a notch? If it's a luxury lifestyle that you're after, nothing  could be a better investment than a hot tub. Guaranteed to provide a lot of giggles, there's nothing better (or more ridiculous) than donning your bikini in the middle of December for a late night dip. You can get hot tubs in all shapes and sizes, and you can be sure that it will be a big crowd pleaser amongst your friends and family. The good thing about hot tubs too is that the novelty doesn't wear off - they are just as great for the summer months too. Speak to some hot tub suppliers about one that would suit your personal needs. 

Cook up Some Seasonal Food 
Unlike fair weather garden parties, you may struggle to keep a barbeque going for longer than a few minutes in winter. No one wants to come away from a party having eaten a semi-cooked burger, so it is best to cook up a storm in your kitchen where you can see what you are doing properly. Stay away from finger food - if people are wearing gloves, it will be redundant for them. Instead, go for a stew or a classic dish such as chilli con carne, which you can easily serve up into bowls. Tasty and practical for your guests to eat too.

Have you ever thrown an outdoor party in winter?

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