Wedding Worries: Common Stressors And How To Deal With Them

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No matter how calm and logical you are, your wedding is a huge day so it's natural for brides to worry. Even the most chilled-out bride can find that they have some concerns about the big day. Here are just a few common stresses and how to go about tackling them.

Getting The Venue You Want, When You Want It
You’re familiar with the scenario. You have a date in mind for your wedding, and you’ve found your dream venue. It has everything you’ve always wanted and more besides. The only thing is that it’s completely booked. There’s no simple solution to this problem. The best advice is to reserve as far in advance as possible. If venues are booked, ask about waiting lists and possible cancellations. Failing that, move on. 

Venue Problems
You’ve booked your venue and paid a deposit. Each time you visited the staff was super helpful. But now that the deposit is paid, you’re finding it hard to make contact with the right people, and they just don’t seem interested. To avoid this problem, always book with a reputable company like wedding venue - Clevedon Hall. Do your research and look at online reviews. Opt for a business that can demonstrate years of experience and request testimonials. Make sure you outline all of your wishes prior to booking and signing a contract. Ensure everything is included in the documentation. If you have already signed and are experiencing problems, demand to speak to the manager and threaten to pull out. Though the contract may be binding, no-one wants negative publicity, especially in a world of social media when complaints can be very public. 

The Weather
Everyone wants a beautiful day for their wedding. They want their guests to be comfortable and everything to be looking its best. Even if the sun isn’t shining, you’re hoping that it won’t rain. You can plan ahead like a boss, but you can’t control the weather. This is one aspect of your wedding that you can’t plan and organise. Therefore, there’s no point in stressing about it. Just make sure you have some contingency plans in case of rain. For example, if you intend to have photos taken out of doors, make sure you have an indoor solution. 

Who To Invite
This is a tricky one. In an ideal world we would invite everyone we know. Well, most people. But it’s not an ideal world, and you have a budget to maintain. Plus there are's the awkward situation when it comes to old friends and people you were once close to but no longer are.  If your list causes some ill feelings, explain why you made the choices and that you don’t have the budget to include everyone. So who should you invite? Follow these tips to make it a little easier.

  • Split the number of invitations equally between the bride and groom
  • Decide where to draw the line with family members
  • Decide whether you will invite children and babies
  • Take into consideration partners and significant others
  • Put together a draft and then revise it

The Dress
There are so many concerns when it comes to the dress. Will you find the right one? Will you still fit into it on the day? What if something happens to the dress? These are all concerns brides can find swirling through their head. Do plenty of research and planning online before going shopping for dresses. Having an idea about different styles, cuts and materials will allow you to know roughly what you do and don't like. If weight fluctuation is an issue, choose a lace up fastening which will allow it to be fitted perfectly whether you lose or gain a couple of pounds. Regularly weighing yourself and sticking to a good healthy eating plan can help. 

It’s only natural to feel some stress before you get married. And a little stress can be a good thing. Try not to let it get out of hand. Planning ahead and taking reasonable precautions will help you to deal with most unexpected scenarios.

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