Why Norway Is The Perfect Romantic Weekend Break

Sometimes it’s good to leave the stress of everyday life behind you and take some time out with the person you love. It’s important to reconnect, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company, and that’s not always so easy at home. Norway is a great destination for anyone that fancies a few days away from the hustle and bustle, and the perfect backdrop for a bit of romance, and here’s why.

Stunning Scenery
The dramatic fjords, dense forests, bright snow and clear blue skies are breathtaking. It’s so beautiful that you’ll fall in love with it, and in love with your partner all over again. So while you might be happy anywhere in the world with the love of your life, you might as well make it one of the most beautiful places.

Cosy Log Cabins
Candlelit meals and fluffy blankets, while the snow settles on the ground outside, has to be the epitome of romantic imagery. When you’re faced with roaring log fires, sofas so big they swallow you up, and a whole lot of wine, it’s pretty difficult not to feel romantically inclined. The beautiful cabins in the woods are available all over the country, so you can choose between being out in the wilderness or nearer to the bright lights, without losing the idyllic log cabin setting.

Adorable Shops and Cafes
Bergen is a great destination for little independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, and so perfect for exploring over a long weekend. The traditional wharf lined with colourful wooden buildings is a great place to people watch and grab a warming cup of coffee together. 

The Saunas
Although the idea of public saunas might conjure up images of naked sweaty strangers, which isn’t necessarily conducive to feeling to romance and intimacy, there are some more private sauna experiences available. Many hotels have their own sauna which are usually available for private hire, so it can be a nice opportunity to spend some much needed time relaxing together.

The Incredible Northern Lights
If you’re lucky enough to see them, they will take your breath away. And what time of year do you see the Northern Lights? Well, it’s usually best in the winter months as the sky is much darker - the further north you get, the longer the days in the summer, so in some places it never gets dark! So for a better chance of seeing the stunning light display, head up to Tromso or other areas of northern Norway between around September and April.

There are so many beautiful museums and great archaeological sites to visit that I could write an entire book. The hotels and B&Bs are exquisite, the public parks are magnificent, the food is a whole new experience, and the cold weather is guaranteed to make you want to cuddle close. If you’re looking for a destination for a romantic long weekend away, look no further than Norway.

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