All You Need Is Love: Proposal Ideas That Won’t Leave You Penniless

In years to come your soon to be wife will be asked ‘how did he propose’ time and time again and, if you’ve done it, right her eyes will sparkle at the treasured memory. Proposing needn’t cost you the earth, although it does need to be unique, heartfelt and planned, and it’s possible to have the most romantic moment on a limited budget. After all, diamonds are forever and often guys choose to spend the maximum, and beyond that, amount they can afford in order to buy the woman they love the prettiest ring they can find. Still, we think that these ideas are just the ticket for those of you who want to create beautiful moments at a fraction of the cost. 

Let Nature Provide The Perfect Backdrop
If the two of you love hiking, exploring or going for drives then this is a fantastic way to incorporate your hobby into the proposal. Choose a particular spot that the two of you love; it might be that little waterfall in your favourite national park, the tropical gardens at a historic house or even high on the hills above town where you can see the entire city spread out in front of you like a glittering carpet. Pack a special picnic of all her favourite foods, download a romantic playlist full of songs she loves and a take a fluffy blanket to keep the two of you cozy. 

Secret Jewellery Surprise 
This one requires a little detective work not to mention some Mission Impossible-style timing. For a few days beforehand you’re going to need to observe your partner’s routine pretty closely and watch when she starts to get ready, and when puts on her jewelry in order to figure out when you’re going to make the swap. On the appointed day wake up early, shower and bring her breakfast in bed. If she asks why, just tell her you felt like it. Wear a shirt and smart trousers and if she quizzes you simply claim you’ve got a board meeting, pitch or corporate event later. While she’s in the shower swap her regular ring for the one you intend to propose with, if you haven’t quite decided you could check out Verragio rings where you’ll find some beautiful options. Once the moment arrives make sure you’re standing or kneeling behind her as she opens her jewelry box then it’s all down to you. 

This Is Where Love Lives
At first proposing at home may seem, well, a little boring. But it doesn't have to be. Why not take over the kitchen and cook her a fantastic three-course meal from scratch? Create a home cinema experience with popcorn; candy, canapes, and bespoke cocktails? Or, if you’re musical, go ahead and treat her to an intimate candlelit performance or dramatic monologue of your memories of her. There’s a saying that goes ‘home is where the heart is’ so pull out all the domestic stops and make sure she knows that you would rather be cuddled up on the sofa, doing grocery shopping or even checking your accounts than anywhere else in the world without her.

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