Beat The Burglar: Feeling Secure In Your Quiet Country Home

One thing we all value in a home is a peaceful, quiet location. Just look at what the rich and famous do when they have enough money to push the boat out. They may keep a luxury city pad for work, but they live most of the time somewhere remote, away from all the "madness". And given enough buying power, so will we. It's not hard to understand. Our homes are where we want to relax. It's hard to do that if there are hundreds of people living on the same street. People are always coming and going. Taxis pull up at three in the morning. Someone else heads out to work just after 5am. Before too long, it can become maddening. There is just one issue with living somewhere quieter. There is one type of person who likes a quiet living space even more than a homeowner - and that's a burglar. The fewer people there are coming and going, the less light and the further away the police, the better for them. So as much as you like your quiet home, you need to be ready to protect it from those who would threaten it.

Let There Be Light
As popular as the phrase "daylight robbery" may be, its mere existence points to a deeper truth. Any dedicated thief will prefer to do their work under cover of darkness. It's a canny move, then, to deny them one of the more vital tools of the trade. By using LED floodlights to light the front and/or back of your house, you can put them off even trying - and know a lot sooner if they still do.

"Why Do I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me?"
It's true that the further you live from "civilisation", the longer you have to wait for police to show up. There is also less chance they'll just be passing on a beat patrol. In that light, it is always useful to know you have an extra set of eyes. Better yet if they are electronic and have a photographic memory- literally.  Placing a security camera on your home is more affordable than ever. Not to mention that it will lower your insurance premiums. Also, if worse comes to worst and you are burgled, you've a better chance of your things being recovered.

Give Burglars A Ruff Time
While the above tips are useful, and signs of a more modern home, there's still room for the classics. A house in the country allows a lot of space for pets to run around - and there is a side benefit to having a faithful pet dog. They may be sweetness and light with you, but dogs are also quite protective of their homes and unlikely to take kindly to unwelcome guests. Not to mention that they have hearing that puts humans to shame. So if someone is trying to gain entry when they shouldn't, they may find that they have company sooner than expected. Besides, it's an excuse to have a dog, which is never a bad thing.

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