Been Together For a While? How To Keep The Romance Alive In Your Marriage or Relationship

If you've been with someone for a while or married for several years, things can get pretty comfortable. You're happy with each other, and will be completely used to how each other ticks and functions. You know each other's habits and little quirks. While being so comfortable with each other is a good thing, it is important to not let the spark in your relationship or marriage fizzle out. It's important to keep the romance alive in your relationship alive and remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Otherwise, you can just become like roommates, and that's never good in any kind of relationship that was once romantic. No one wants to end up sat in the divorce solicitors office, putting things to an end with a person that once meant the world to them. So do all that you can to keep the spark alive! Here are some things that you could do go about it.

Have Regular Date Nights
When you take a night away from the stress of everyday life, kids, and the chores of running a home, it can make a massive difference to your relationship. You just need time to be you and not parents, maids or cleaners! While you can have date nights at home, it is a good idea to have them out of the home as much as you can. It might need more planning for a babysitter, for example. But it will make a big difference.

Learn Love Languages
There are said to be five ‘love languages’ that can help in any relationship. We all favour one or two over others. It is important to learn what your other half’s love language is. Then it is important to implement it daily. Yours might differ to theirs, which is fine. You just need to know what they prefer. Then when you show love in that way, they know you really mean it.

Do Random Acts of Kindness For Them
You might have set chores or responsibilities in the home. One of you might take out the bins each week or one of you might always do the dishes. But every now and again, it can be nice to do their job for them, just because you can. It will take little effort on your part really. But will mean a lot to your spouse or partner.

Take Care of Yourself
When you get comfortable in a relationship, it can be easy to get comfortable with yourself. You might not make as much as effort as you once did. While this isn’t the most important thing in your relationship, it shows that you do not take each other for granted. It is nice when your other half makes an extra special effort for you, especially for things like date nights or particular events.

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