Choosing the Best Colours for Your Kitchen

How your kitchen looks will determine how your entire house feels to an observer. A clean white kitchen is just perfect, but it can be a little stark or boring if it's not done right. When we spend so much time debating the colour of the walls in our bedrooms and living rooms, why should the kitchen be left out? Here are some ideas for you to make sure your kitchen looks amazing after the next paint job:

1. Teal:
This beautiful colour can make you fall head over heels for it if found in the right places. Some rustic teal furniture in the kitchen will add a chic charm and elegance to your space that only a few other colours can deliver. Sleek white or black kitchens especially look great with a splash of teal to bring in some colour and interest.

2. Green:
Green is a calm and serene colour that will look great on furniture, utensils, or even walls. With so many shades to choose from, you simply cannot go wrong. 'Duck egg' is a gorgeous green/ blue that's popular in homes right now, and works well in all rooms including the kitchen.

3. Black:
Black is perhaps the last shade people think of when it comes to painting walls. In a kitchen light is very essential and people often think that a shade like black will block the light and the area will appear dark. On the contrary though, when used in a combination with colours like white, black actually increases the luminescence of an area, making it appear brighter. Proceed with caution, but used in the right way it can be an excellent choice. 

Whatever colour you choose to paint your kitchen walls or furniture with, just be sure that the combination colour suits it and you won’t go wrong. There are a large number of resources online about kitchen d├ęcor so be sure to check them out before you take a paintbrush in your hand. A great way to make decisions like this is to wait out and see if you still like the first idea after a couple of days. If you are just too excited to wait, you can always play some online games like the ones on this bingo site with slots and they will distract you well.

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