Common Problems That Could Be Making Your Home Less Appealing!

It can feel like your work is never done when it comes to keeping the home looking nice. From daily cleaning and tidying, to organising and decluttering, gardening and DIY it's as though there's always another job popping up just as you think you're finished. With so much to do it's no wonder certain things can get left or forgotten about, but unfortunately they can have a dramatic effect on your home. Here are three common problems that are destroying the appeal of your home, and how to solve them.

Tired Paintwork
Paint that is chipped, grubby or generally worse for wear will make everywhere look tired and unpleasant. And whether it's on the inside or out, it can ruin the appeal of your home. Keeping on top of the paintwork is one of the annoying parts of owning a home. It doesn't take long for those brilliant, sparkling white doors and skirting boards to start looking dul,l and taking on a grey or yellowish tone. Properly sanding and prepping surfaces and using a good quality paint will keep everywhere looking nice for longer. But you may have to accept that regular painting is needed if you want to keep your home looking flawless. If you have kids or pets and grubby walls are an issue, choose an emulsion that's wipeable. At least then you're not having to retouch the paintwork as often and can use a damp cloth to remove marks instead!

Blocked Drains and Guttering
Blocked drains and gutters are a common problem that can leave your home looking and feeling a lot worse for wear. From an aesthetic standpoint blocked, leaky guttering can cause flooding and stain the outside of your home. It can also cause leaks and structural damage too. Blocked drains can cause a foul odour as well as lead to slight flooding outside your house, which causes dirty water to make an appearance. Solving this problem is easy enough, you could buy some products and clear them yourself or you could contact a drain clearance company. Either way, if these are issues on your property it's best to get them solved sooner rather than later!

Dirty Windows
It's easy to neglect your windows, they're probably not something you think to clean on a regular day pottering about the house doing jobs. When we think of kerb appeal we think of things like pots of beautiful flowers, a cute doormat and a tidy garden. But clean windows will also help massively.  It’s so easy for windows to get dirty and for grime marks to appear on them especially at this time of year when the weather is bad. Make a mental note to clean your windows regularly, or look into local window cleaners if you're not good on a ladder! Don't forget to clean your front and back door while you're there, these can become muddy and grubby over time too. 

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