Warning Signs That Your House Is No Longer Your Home

Have you ever come back home after a long and stressful day at work, only to feel like your home isn't the cosy or safe place you want to be? Then there's a chance that you might be experiencing a disconnect between you and your property. Moving house is stressful and hard work, so obviously isn't something you will want to do at the first sign of problems. However our happiness greatly relies on having a secure place to relax and call home, so it's not something to be ignored either. Here are five signs that it might be time to move to pastures new.

You Have Nightmare Neighbours
You might love your home, but bad neighbours can make it an uncomfortable place to live. It might be noise- music late at night, shouting, dogs barking. Maybe it's verbal abuse or constant arguments over things like territory boundaries, parking or gardens. Neighbours can fall out over all kinds of things, and unfortunately, if you do there's no getting away from them. If your neighbors are making you hate your home, it could be one reason to move elsewhere.

You Broke Up With Your Partner or Fell Out With Family/ Housemates
When you're not getting along with the people you live with it can make you feel unhappy about your home. Your home should be your sanctuary from the world, not somewhere you dread coming home to each day. Some people are simply incompatible as housemates, even if they get along really well. If one person is very messy and unorganised and the other is tidy, it can cause friction. If you work opposite shift patterns and are forever waking each other up, it might cause issues, or you might have different ideas of what is acceptable in the home. Either way, if tensions are high, it might be time to look for a new place to live. Relationship breakdowns are also a common reason for moving house. You might have to each look for somewhere cheaper, or the property you both lived in together might cause too many painful memories.

You Long for a Better Home
Are you constantly frustrated because your home is too small, or there are repairs that need doing that are too expensive for you to put right? If you feel like your home is crumbling around you and it's not up to the standard you want, then you could think about jumping ship and looking for something more suitable. Sell your property (or end the tenancy), contact removal companies, pack your bags and head off to a nicer home. 

You're In a Rut
If your home feels bland and uninspiring and you don't have the motivation to make a change, you might have fallen out of love with the property. Sometimes a fresh start is all you need to make a huge change to your lifestyle. Moving house gives you new surroundings and a blank slate to start all over again. You could change up the decor and furniture to something you love, and use the new motivation to make changes in other areas of your life too. 

Something Bad Happened in the Home
When something happens in the home, it can be difficult to shake those feelings off afterwards. Maybe you were burgled and no longer feel safe. Perhaps a natural disaster like a flood ruined your home, and you're worried about it happening again. You might be worrying about the safety of your possessions, loved ones and pets if you stay. If you don't feel safe or content in your property, then it could be a sign to leave. 

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