Don't Move- Improve! Renovations That Are Well Worth The Effort

If you’ve purchased a house that once seemed perfect but is now a huge source of stress, you don’t have to give up on it. Providing it’s in an area you like and has the right sized gardens (since you won’t be able to extend these) there are loads of ways you can update and improve so that you don’t have to move out. Not only does this make it nicer for you to live in, but if you do decide to sell later down the line, it will boost the value too. So home improvements are money well spent! Here are some of the ways you can improve your home, rather than move out.

Go Up… Or Down
Attics are generally wasted space; most people use theirs to store boxes of old junk and Christmas decorations. There’s so much more you can do with them. An attic conversion gives you a whole extra usable room. It could be for a bedroom or guest bedroom, an office, a hobby room or something else completely. At the bottom of the house, another way you could consider renovating is by having a basement conversion. If you’re already lucky enough to have a basement already, then refitting it and turning it into usable space rather than just somewhere to store things will maximize the room you have in the home. 

If you have a decent sized garden and an extension won’t swallow up all of your outside space, then this could be another way to go. You could have either a single story extension built to make the downstairs bigger, people often do this to create a larger kitchen/ dining space. Older homes especially were built with smaller and enclosed kitchens which don't suit the more open and casual living styles of today. Alternatively, you could go for a two story extension. Along with added downstairs space, you’d get enough room for an extra bedroom upstairs too. Perfect if your family has grown since you bought your house!

Improving The Outside
It can be frustrating to come home every day to a house that looks ugly or shabby on the outside. No matter how nice you make it look inside, the front of your home is what will make the very first impression. So it’s crucial to get this looking right for the best effect. In some cases, paying to have it completely rendered is your best bet. Other times you might be able to get away with painting it with a good external paint. We did this to our house last summer, and the difference it made was unreal, it instantly made everything look fresh and new. The only problem was because we were painting over pebble dashing it took ages! But it was worth the effort in the end. You could look into ladder hire if you don’t have your own, so you’re able to reach all areas.

Windows and Doors
Not only will new windows and doors look smart, but they will also make your home more energy efficient too. This will keep it warmer in winter and save you on your gas bill too. They will add value to the property and are definitely something to consider if yours are past their best.

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