Fall In Love With Lace

One of the big spring fashion trends of 2016 was lace, and it’s set to be a must- have again in 2017. Lace goes back hundreds of years, Queen Elizabeth I supposedly adored the hand made fabric and if it's good enough for a queen I'm all in! Once made of gold or silver thread, these days it's generally made with fine cotton. In the winter it can be seen detailing the tops of luxurious ball gowns and in summer, floating white lace dresses teamed with cowboy boots always look boho chic. So how do you fit it into your wardrobe? Here are a few ways to bring lace into your life, from the subtle to the full- on. 

Subtle Impact 
The lace choker is an excellent way to incorporate this trend into any look. Chokers became one of the must have accesories towards the end of last year so why not add a little elegance to your everyday look. 

A Secret Touch
Maybe you want to get involved in the trend but only share it with someone special. Lace detailed lingerie like these styles from marie jo give you a secret feeling of luxury and femininity. 

Go Boho
One of the coolest looks of spring is the simple skater dress teamed with cowboy boots. A little fake tan can boost the pins if you want a little colour or wear it with tights if you aren’t ready to bare your legs just yet

Take It Home
How about incorporating some lace into your home too. Add some detail to your bedroom or dining room with lace trimmed white cotton bedsheets or tablecloths. You can find out more and take inspiration from this post 

Proms and Weddings
Lace can look really elegant on a ball dress. If you're attending your prom this year it's a style to consider, just avoid white or ivory or it will look like a wedding dress! Speaking of weddings, lace is of course a gorgeous addition to a wedding dress particularly if you want something that looks quite vintage. If not, you could go with a pair of lace shoes- both heels and flats look great with this design.

The IT Bag
Lace over cotton or silk gives a dramatic look. Add a touch of the trend to your LBD by grabbing a lace covered handbag or clutch. It's a nice way to add a bit of colour and texture, especially if the rest of your outfit is quite plain and sleek.

There are so many ways to fall in love with this delicate hand woven fabric. It is versatile enough to use everywhere and will add a little regal style to your life.

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