Get Me To The Church On Time! Weird And Wonderful Wedding Transport Ideas

On your wedding day, you want everything to run smoothly, and everyone to arrive at the designated venues on time. As the bride, it’s your prerogative to be fashionably late, but you don’t want any other delays. If you’re planning a wedding, and you’re considering transport options, here are some weird and wonderful ideas to mull over. 

The Classic Car
Nothing complements a traditional wedding like a classic car. Many couples choose to arrive in style in a vintage wagon hired from luxury car specialists. You can either hire a car with a driver, or you could consider driving yourself from the wedding to the reception venue. This gives you a bit of time to yourself, as well as great shots of your guests waving you off. 

The Campervan
Campervans have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They’re a great option if you’re looking for something less formal than a luxury car or you have a history of enjoying outdoor adventures and camping holidays. You can also fit more people in, which may work well if you want to provide transport for the bridal party. 

The Tractor
Are you getting married on a farm? Are you a farmer’s daughter or wife to be? If so, a tractor is a novel way to get to your wedding. It may not be the most glamorous option, but it’s bound to get people talking, and it will set the tone of your wedding, and make it memorable and personal. If you attach a large trailer, you can also provide transport for your guests from the ceremony to the reception. 

The Old-Fashioned Bus
If you’re having a country or vintage-style wedding, old-fashioned buses are a fantastic option. They inject a sense of style, and they can take large parties. You can get the party started on board with some bubbles and a personalised playlist. Many operators offer the opportunity to add a customised destination sign on the front of the bus, which you can keep as a souvenir. 

The Supercar
Are you a thrill-seeker or a petrol head? If so, why not turn heads in a supercar? The noise of the engines will announce your arrival, and you’re guaranteed to make an impressive entrance. 

The Horse and Carriage
If you dream of a big white wedding or you’ve been planning your dream day since you were little, a horse and carriage may be high up on your wishlist. This is an elegant option, which is ideal for traditional weddings. In many cases, you can visit stables before the wedding and select the horses you’d like to escort you on your big day. 

If you’re planning a wedding, you may be obsessively looking for dresses or trying to find your dream venue, but don’t forget about the transport. It’s important that you arrive in style. Some people prefer to stick to traditional vintage cars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something different. Hopefully, these ideas have given you food for thought. 

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