Healthy Living For People Of All Ages

Any day is a good day to think about improving your health. But there’s nothing quite as motivating as a new year to give you the boost that you need, don’t you think? It’s a chance to reflect on the year that’s past, set new goals and work out what you need to do to get you to where you want to be. 

In Your Teens and Twenties
It’s easy to overlook your health when you're young. When you feel fit and well and don’t have any health issues to speak of, it can be something you simply pay no attention to. But establishing healthy habits is critical. Living well now will set you up for the rest of your life. A healthy diet and enough exercise will help to promote healthy bones meaning you reduce the risk of fractures and preventative diseases as you age. You can also help to protect yourself against certain cancers which can crop up more as you get older. Parties, alcohol and late nights tend to feature heavily throughout most people’s teens and twenties. Learning your limits and enjoying in moderation is crucial, even if you don’t experience much of a hangover it doesn’t mean it’s not having a detrimental effect on your body, 

In Your Thirties and Forties
In your thirties and forties is when you’re likely to notice the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle if you’ve not been particularly health conscious in your earlier years. Ensuring you attend all of the health screenings you’re invited to can help to pick up any issues early- it could be anything from high cholesterol to high blood pressure to diabetes. It’s not too late to make a positive change in your life, a healthy diet and exercise will go a long way in reducing and in many cases eliminating these kinds of conditions. If your current lifestyle puts you in the danger zone for certain health conditions, now is the time to make the changes you need. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you age. So if you’ve previously gotten away with eating whatever you want and staying slim, you might find that you now have to work for it more.

In Your Fifties and Beyond
We naturally begin to slow down more as we reach our fifties, but that doesn’t mean to say we can’t stay fit and healthy. Finding an exercise routine that you enjoy and suits you is important, as well as making sure your diet contains everything your body needs. For example, research has shown that some older adults may need more vitamin B6, B12, and folate. If you’re unsure of the best way to stay in good health as an older adult, a company such as The OT Practice can give you guidance.

Our bodies have different needs as we age, but some advice will always apply. A healthy, balanced diet, a good exercise regime and enough sleep and relaxation will benefit everyone. 

What will you be doing to ensure better health this year?

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