Just Moved In Together? Here's How To Create Your Perfect Love Nest

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If you and your partner have just moved in together, just bought your first home together, or even just fancy a change, why not make your home as romantic as you can? If it’s a space that you share with no other people on a daily basis, you may as well make it comfortable, cosy, and beautiful. After all, it is the place you spend most of your time together. A love nest has to be filled with your favourite beautiful things, warm and snuggly in winter, but light and airy in summer. Here are some ideas for how to get it there.

Buy Some His & Hers Accessories
Dressing gowns, towels, cushions - the possibilities for His & Hers home accessories are endless, but there’s nothing cuter than curling up on the sofa in front of Netflix in matching dressing gowns. You don’t have to go too crazy, but a couple of small, useful accessories for your home can be really fun. When two people first move in together, there can be a real clashing of styles when you both bring your belongings together. A few choice trinkets can really bring the look together in an adorable “we just moved in together” kind of style.

Create a Living Room Cinema
There’s nothing better than cozying up together on a comfortable sofa, dimming the lights, and sharing a bowl of popcorn. A big television or even a projector, are perfect for showing each other your favourite films, and an absolute must investment for your first apartment. Heavy curtains and a dimmer switch are also important for keeping the room at the perfect light level. The most important thing, however, has got to be the sofa. This is the centre of your love nest, so it’s got to be big, comfy, and preferably squishy. Dark reds and teals for the walls and curtains give it an intimate feel and make it a great place to cocoon yourselves. Add blankets, cushions, and a couple of well-placed coffee tables, and you’re well on your way to the perfect love nest cinema.

Design the Cosiest Bedroom
Falling asleep and waking up together every day has to be the most romantic thing about moving in with a partner, so it’s crucial that the room is perfect. It could even be worth calling in an interior designer, such as someone from Kia Designs, to give you some advice on how to best use your space. Light colours and a lot of natural light are perfect for waking up well in the morning, but it is worth investing in some blackout blinds to keep nighttime disturbances to a minimum and get a great night’s sleep. Remember, coziness and romance are the priorities.

After all, that it’s all about adding the personal touches that make your home feel like home to both of you. With two different personalities sharing a space it can take a while to get the balance right, so remember to be open to the other person’s suggestions, and good luck!

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  1. Love this. It's got to be about the two of you. Personal, cozy and comfy.