Michael Buble 'By Invitation' Perfume Review

£39.00 for 50ml* (Eau de Parfum) available from www.michaelbubleperfume.com

Top Notes: red fruits, bergamot
Middle Notes: lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and peony
Base Notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla praline

'By Invitation' is the stunning new perfume created by legendary singer and hopeless romantic Michael Buble. His idea was to create 'a special invitation to fans into his new world of fragrance', and as a lover of perfume (which you'll know if you've read any of my past posts!) I was all up for giving this a try. 

My expectations were that By Invitation would be a generic celebrity perfume. Not necessarily a bad thing, celeb scents in general do tend to be nice even if they are a little on the safe side. However this really did come as a surprise, it's absolutely gorgeous! It's so much more than a standard celebrity perfume, you can really tell that effort and expertise have gone into creating this. It's sweet yet warm and complex, and is certainly no run of the mill 'catered for the masses' type of scent. Starting with a sweet, fruity-floral and drying down to a gorgeous musky vanilla, it's fair to say that this ticks all of the boxes for me. It's classed as a floral oriental, and in my opinion, perfumes from the oriental fragrance family always tend to smell the most high end. I hate referring to perfumes as smelling 'grown up' because that implies grannyish and old fashioned which this isn't at all. Instead it's the kind of sophisticated scent that most women would be happy to wear. One other massive bonuses of this perfume is how long lasting it is, and this is definitely something worth pointing out about this scent. It quite literally lasts all day, I can spray this in the morning and still smell right into the evening. By the end of the day it's transformed into a soft, vanilla scent. 

Finally, the simple yet elegant packaging finishes everything off perfectly. If you're not a fan of celebrity fragrances or usually go for more luxurious perfumes, you'd never be embarrassed to have this beauty on your dressing table. The gold and glass looks stunning, and I love the detail on the lid too. This pulls off to reveal a regular perfume spray underneath, but I love how it's like a modern nod to traditional atomiser perfume bottles. While I do like Michael Buble I wouldn't class myself as a hardcore fan, but this is the type of perfume that you don't have to love the celebrity to appreciate. It's truly stunning all by itself and is definitely one to test out even if you don't usually go for this kind of thing. I highly recommend this, if you're looking for a new scent for 2017 this one to try.

What's your favourite perfume at the moment?

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