Musical Careers To Consider After Uni

The wonderful university lifestyle can't last forever. Although at the time it can feel pretty intense with all of the studying, it's nothing compared to being out in the big wide world! When your career starts and you're working, that free time between lectures, 11am starts and late nights at the bar with friends all seem like a huge luxury. Whether or not you studied music, if this is where your passion lies there are a few options you could consider. Here are a few of the careers you could look post-uni in the music industry.

Musician / Singer 
If you have a talent for music or singing, the internet means it's easier than ever to turn your passion into a full time career. Many artists want backing singers or session musicians to help when they are recording or performing. So that's one way in which you could bring some money in from your vocal talents. If you have an established band, you could look into getting gigs in pubs and bars in your local area as an additional way to make income. Lots of singers have Youtube channels where they perform covers of well known songs, and can earn a good wage in money from Google ads. If someone spots you who knows, you might even hit the big time and go on to become famous! 

Educator/ Tutor
Still on the theme of music you also have the option of becoming a tutor and giving singing or musical instrument lessons to either children or adults which can definitely help you swell your bank balance. Music and voice teachers tend to go into schools for a day or so a week, to offer lessons and then move on to the next one. Some schools, especially private ones, still have well-established music departments. These sometimes have vacancies for full-time teaching staff. Alternatively you could could use agencies like Simply Education to apply for substitute roles where you go in and cover another member of staff that is off ill or temporarily unavailable. To be able to work as a qualified teacher you will need to gain your QTS, by completing a PGCE. Then you can decide what sort of role is best for the situation you are in at them time.

Writer / Blogger
Another creative option to consider is writing, and you could set up a music blog which could eventually go on to become your full time career or to supplement your income. Your blog gives you the creative freedom to speak about the things you love, express yourself and connect with others which is useful when it comes to enhancing your career. The next opportunity could be right around the corner! As a bonus you might be invited to things like blogger meetups, events and be sent items for free to review. You can run your own blog and monetise that to achieve an income. Or you could write articles for other people's blogs and websites and get paid for that.

Whichever you pick, you will be exercising those creative muscles while bringing in income that will support you in your new life post university. 

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