Practically Perfect: Smart Changes You Need To Make To Your Back Garden

The weather outside might not be the best right now, but just a few more weeks of this horrible winter and spring will be here again! Time get be back out in garden and soak up some much needed vitamin D (especially if like me you've been hibernating all winter). It might not be time to drag out the lawn mower or digging the flowerbeds just yet, but you can start to plan the direction you want to take the garden in this year. Here are a few ideas. 

If You Want To Relax
The garden is the perfect place for relaxation and tranquility. For a peaceful garden, a swing seat, a fountain and lots of beautiful flowers to attract wildlife is the way to go. Alternatively you could opt for an outdoor sofa, the perfect place to put your feet up and read a book when the weather is nice. 

If You Want To Entertain
The great thing about the garden is it gives you so much space, making it ideal for entertaining.  Whether it's BBQ, a picnic style lunch or afternoon tea in the garden, nice weather is an excellent excuse to get everyone together. If you like having friends over, make sure there's plenty of seating for everyone. If your budget is bigger you could even look into having an outdoor kitchen installed, these are usually made of stone and have cupboards for storage, running water and a bbq or pizza oven installed so you can cook. You can't get much better for entertaining outdoors than that!

If You Want To Grow Your Own
If your new year’s resolution was to grow your own produce, then it's time to make a plan.  Growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers is one of the most satisfying things that you can do, but it takes work. Lots of varieties of seeds and bulbs need planting early on in the year, so be sure to do your research to make sure you're planting at the right time. If you want to get serious about the hobby, why not invest in a greenhouse? If you already have one but it's fallen into disrepair, you can find all of the parts from hinges for windows to polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses online, which will make sure that the fruits of your labour are protected from the elements.

If You Want To Make It Child Friendly
Whether you have your own kids or you just entertain in the garden when kids are around, it's important that it's made safe. Any bodies of water should be fenced off, no matter how small and shallow they might be as they pose a real drowning risk. When you're buying flowers to plant, be careful that you're not choosing varieties which are poisonous when ingested which is again an issue. Then making sure everywhere is generally safe will benefit everyone. So no loose slabs, piles of bricks that could topple or anything else that could cause an injury.

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